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Car-Deer Collisions

Many people are surprised by the damage a collision with a deer may cause. In fact, most of these collisions are very serious, causing extensive damage. Worse still, collisions with deer often result in serious injury or even death.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, the Colorado deer population is continuing to grow, so collisions with deer will remain a problem.

Keep these facts in mind as you drive:

  • Although the majority of car-deer collisions occur during the months of October through December such collisions can occur every month of the year.
  • Most car-deer collisions happen between 6:00 p.m. and midnight, so drive with extra caution during this time.
  • It is possible to encounter deer even in highly populated areas although most car-deer collisions occur on rural, two-lane highways.

Consider the following tips to help you avoid a car-deer collision:

  • Use particular caution in areas marked with deer crossing signs.
  • When you see one deer, expect others.
  • Do not swerve to avoid striking a deer. Unfortunately, it is preferable to collide with a deer than with a fixed object or another vehicle.
  • Continually scan fields and the area adjacent to the road for deer. Often you will be able to see them approaching and can then slow down.
  • During hours of darkness, bright lights will illuminate the eyes of deer allowing more time to react; use the high beams whenever possible.