Computer Science Seminar - Is CS+X the New Normal for Computer Science?

Computer Science Seminar
Thursday, March 6,  Hurst 103, 9:30am
Dr. Greg Hager, Johns Hopkins University

For decades, we’ve trained computer scientists to have a core set of skills – programming, data structures, operating systems, and so forth. But, the world of computing is changing – computer science is steadily oozing into the fabric of science, business, our social life, our cars -- into practically everything! While this guarantees that “traditional” software engineering jobs will continue to abound for the foreseeable future, more and more computer scientists will be performing jobs that combine CS with something else -- CS+X jobs, for many different values of X. In this talk, I will talk about several different examples of CS+X, for X=robots, X=genomics, X=medicine, and X=sensing, and how these examples illustrate the ever-growing space of computing research and computing applications.  I will close with a few other examples of CS+X, such as education and healthcare, where I believe CS could have a large and lasting societal impact.

Dr. Greg Hager is a professor of Computer Science at the Johns Hopkins University.  He does research in Computer Vision and Robotics, as applied to medical devices and human-machine systems.  He is currently a member of the Computing Community Consortium Council and the board of the International Federation of Robotics Research.

Event Date: 
03/06/2014 - 9:30am to 10:45am
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Hurst 103
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