Election and Rules Committee 2012-2013

The Election and Rules Committee shall:

      • Conduct the elections for at-large Senators in the spring.

      • Conduct other elections as directed by the Senate, and act as tellers.

      • Monitor the election processes for which there is a specified procedure in each of the departments and report any and all infractions to the Senate

      • Examine the Constitution and Bylaws for the purpose of recommending changes, which would result in a more effective operation of the Senate.

      • Consider procedural problems at the written request of a committee of the Senate or the Chair of the Senate.

      • Prior to the election of Senators during the Spring Term, examine the staffing pattern of each academic unit to determine the number of Senators allocated

      • according to Article IV of the Faculty Constitution and notify each department of the number allocated.

      • Certify the eligibility for the election of Senators to comply with Article IV of the Constitution.

      • Serve as a final authority on interpretation of the Constitution and Bylaws.

      • Appoint a Parliamentarian for the Senate.

      • Adjudicate jurisdictional disputes between/among committees, including but not limited to assignment of matters to standing committees.

      • Determine the yearly election calendar for Senate and committee elections.

Parliamentarian for 2012-2013:  


Name Email Address Phone Number
Christina Buchanan
Rob Fillmore
Kim Huerter
Terry Schliesman (Chair)  943-2036