Dr. D. Scott Borden, CV

D. Scott Borden
1 Western Way, Western Colorado University
Gunnison, CO 81231

Specializing in marketing social causes, outdoor industry, tourism, environmental education, and social entrepreneurship my geographical roots of living in many inspiring natural areas have shaped my understanding and approach to promoting sustainability (equity, economy and environment). I have promoted a variety of products and services including soap, tourism packages and magazines.  Whether encouraging mental health initiatives, composting behavior or services from Benefit Corporation Certified companies, I am always learning more about the art and science of marketing and business. Throughout my journey, my students have been at the center of my passions. Within this CV you will see their influence, and at times names, on papers, conferences and grants. Please feel free to contact me if you believe we can collaborate on creating a more sustainable and resilient world.     


University of Exeter, PhD in Business Management - Social Marketing, 2017

Dissertation: Application of Social Marketing to Promote Water Efficiency in the Tourism Accommodation Industry of South West England

Prescott College, M.A. in Environmental Education, 2007

Thesis: Ecological Literacy Requirements: A Case Study of Western Colorado University

Western Colorado University, B.A. in Biology; B.A. in Environmental Studies, 2005 (Cum laude)

Related Work Experience

Graduate Faculty, Masters in Environmental Management Programs & MBA in Outdoor Industry, Western Colorado University, CO, USA

This position includes lecturing and conducting research in the Environment and Sustainability Department and Masters in Environmental Management programs and MBA in Outdoor Industry.  It also entails coordinating the Resilience Studies Consortium (RSC). The RSC seeks to utilize a nation-wide network of universities in order to advance “place-based” educational opportunities for undergraduate students from a diversity of backgrounds and passions. By sharing academic resources, allowing for transferability between partner universities and creating pathways to a better understanding of Community Resilience in the coming era, the RSC seeks to engage and empower students with rich environmental understanding. 

Marketing Coordinator, The Center for Environment and Sustainability, Western Colorado University, 2017- Present, Colo., USA

Working closely with my team at The Center for Environment and Sustainability, we seek to promote partnerships, increase enrollment and engage alumni through interactive and data-driven means. The Center connects faculty/student research and service projects with resilient solutions for ecological health and sustainable communities. I emphasis marketing analytics, utilizing Google Analytics and internal data, to best position the Center. 

Benefit Director and Member of the Board of Directors, Keene Advisors, 2015-Present, Mass., USA

Aiding in the startup of an investment bank with a radically new business model, giving 25 percent of profits to social causes. Successfully navigated the company through the Benefit Corporation Certification process by communicating efforts in annual reports to both the state of Massachusetts and the nonprofit benefit corporation certification organization, B Corp, for legal designation. Please see here for my 2015 and 2016 benefit reports.

Researcher/Lecturer, University of Exeter, Business School, 2014-2017, Exeter, UK

Working in partnership with the demand strategy team at South West Water, investigating opportunities to reduce water usage in the tourism accommodation district through the application of the behavior change lever, social marketing. The research applied a multi-stakeholder approach, working with supply-side, demand-side, academics and government. Research included the use of focus groups, semi-structured interviews, questionnaires and the Delphi method. Data was analyzed through thematic coding and multivariate stats using SPSS (descriptive statistics, analysis of variance, factor analysis and cluster analysis). This position also included lecturing in the undergraduate and Masters level modules on sustainability in tourist behavior at the University of Exeter.

Marketing Director, Haven Banks Outdoor Education Program, 2013-2014, Exeter, UK 

Developing and implementing a marketing plan. Working closely with the partner organization, Exeter College, to ensure brand cohesion. Directing and supervising a team of professionals to create both online and face-to-face promotional content. Running all promotions at regional and local events and strategic creation and implementation of social media marketing content.      

Mentor Teacher, NatureBridge, 2008-2013, Yosemite National Park, Calif., USA     

Navigating partnerships between the University of California Merced, the National Park Service, Upper Merced River Watershed Council and other park partners.  Supervising staff and providing trainings on multi-stakeholder projects. Please see here for an example of a project I co-developed. Director and marketing director of the summer field research course. Please see here for more information on my role in this two-week long environmental education backpacking course.     

Selected Volunteer Experiences

  • Sustainable Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Committee, Gunnison County, 2017-Present
  • Reviewer for the Journal, Social Marketing Quarterly, 2017-Present
  • Environmental Council, Western Colorado University, 2016-Present
  • Sustainable Action Committee, Western Colorado University, 2016-Present 
  • Reviewer for the Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 2015- Present
  • Publicity and Marketing Officer, Travel and Tourism Society, University of Exeter, 2015
  • The Bike Library, Yosemite National Park, 2008-2013
  • Soft Power Education (Uganda and Africa), 2008
  • Kakamega Environmental Education Program (Kenya), 2008
  • Gunnison Valley Mentors- Partners, 2005-2007
  • Climbing for a Cause and a Cure with over $5k raised for cancer prevention (Canada, Mexico, Thailand and Argentina), 2006
  • Mountain Search and Rescue, Western Colorado University, 2003-2005
  • Co-Founder of the Western Sustainability Coalition, Western Colorado University, 2003; Currently the faculty advisor of this group, 2017

Teaching Experience

Lecture: Western Colorado University, Personal Branding (BUAD397), 2018

Lecture: Western Colorado University, Capstone (ENVS400), 2018

Lecture: Western Colorado University, Environment and Sustainability (ENVS100), 2017/18

Lecture: Western Colorado University Master’s in Environmental Management, Marketing Social Causes (ENVS620), 2017/18

Lecture: Western Colorado University, Seminar: Topics in Water (ENVS375), 2017

Lecture: Western Colorado University, Marketing Nature (ENVS397), 2017

Lecture: University of Exeter, Tourism Dissertations (BEM3028), 2015 & 2016

Teaching Assistant: University of Exeter, Tourist Behavior (BEM3017), 2016

Guest Lecture: University of Exeter, Tourist Behavior (BEM3017), 2015

Lecture: Exeter College, Applied Environmental Education and Sustainability (REC210), 2015

Teaching Assistant: University of Exeter, Tourism Business: Management, Impacts and Evaluation (Master’s level BEMM381), 2014 & 2015

Guest Lecture: University of Exeter, Tourism Business: Management, Impacts and Evaluation (Master’s level BEMM381), 2014 & 2015

Guest Lecture: Western Colorado University, Experiential Education (REC391), 2007 

Languages Spoken

  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (intermediate)

Grants & Awards

  • UK ASPIRE Accreditation for Teaching in Higher Education, 2016
  • EPSRC Global Challenges Research Fund, 2016: Sustainable Infrastructure Needs Basic Data (SINBaD); Co-developing a Water Management Best Practices Guide across Jamaica, Ghana and the UK (approx. $20k)
  • Environmental Award, Penan Group, 2015: ‘Climate Change Education in Under-Privileged UK Schools’
  • University of Exeter, 2014: ‘In Collaboration with South West Water: Research, Water and the Tourism Industry’ (approx. $62k) 
  • Yosemite Conservancy, 2013: ‘Moss Restoration: Engaging Young People to Prevent Graffiti’ (approx. $20k)
  • Thorton Scholars Research, 2004: ‘Theory of Glacial Isolation’ (approx. $4K)

Selected Presentations

  • The Access Fund Consultation: Increasing Philanthropy and Volunteerism Among Millennials and Gen Z, 2018  
  • BLab Consultation: Barriers and Opportunities for SMEs to Leverage Benefit Corporation Certification, 2018  
  • European Social Marketing Conference, Espoo Finland: Engaging SMTEs in Sustainable Business Practices, 2016
  • STREAM Academic Conference, University of Exeter: Public Engagement in Water Research, 2016
  • Waterwise Conference, Oxford University: Gamification in the Hotel Industry, 2015
  • City of Exeter Public Works Meeting, Exeter, UK: Using Social Marketing to Reduce Litter and Graffiti in the City of Exeter, 2015
  • Cultural Tourism Conference, Torino, Italy:  Changing Tourists’ Water Behavior, 2014
  • Association for Experiential Education, San Francisco, CA: Promoting Stewardship in National Parks, 2012-2013   
  • AEOE (Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education), Yosemite National Park, CA: Evaluating Your Teaching, 2010
  • Western Colorado University, Gunnison, CO: Recreational Philanthropy to Fight Cancer, 2008
  • Prescott College Colloquium, Prescott, AZ: Ecological Literacy: Enhancing University Curriculum, 2007 
  • Sistema Nacional de Areas de Conservacion, Costa Rica.  Impacts of Highways on Niche Assembly and Species Diversity in Braulio Carrillo National Park, 2004


  • Ward, S., Borden, D.S., & Kabo-Bah, A.T. (2018) Climate change and resilience in water systems.  Journal of Hydroinfomatics. In process.
  • Mead, T., Borden, D.S., & Coley, D. (2018) Navigating the Tower of Babel: The Epistemological Shift of Biom*. Journal of Biomimetics in Engineering.  In process.     
  • Borden, D.S., Cohn, S., & Gooderham, C. (2018) Transitioning ‘upstream’ when ‘downstream’ efforts are insufficient.  Social Marketing Quarterly. DOI: 10.1177/1524500418761625
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  • Coles, T., Warren, N., Borden, D.S., & Dinan, C. (2017). Business models among SMTEs: identifying attitudes to environmental costs and their implications for sustainable tourism. Journal of Sustainable Tourism25(4), 471-488.
  • Borden, D.S. (2015; 2016) Benefit Corporation Report, Keene Advisors. Available here.
  • Borden, D.S. (2007) Ecological Literacy Requirements: A Case Study of Western Colorado University. Master’s Thesis. Available here.    
  • Borden, D. S. (2005) Evidence Supporting the Theory of Glacial Isolation and the Uncompahgre Fritillary Butterfly.  Thorton Scholars Research Report, Western Colorado University. 
  • Borden, D.S. (2004) The Effects of Roads on Niche Assembly and Species Overlap During the Wet Season in Braulio Carrillo, Costa Rica.  The School for Field Studies.