Donald A. Goodman Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was created in 1989 by the Goodman family and friends to perpetuate the memory of Donald Goodman. Applicants must be Western Colorado University Resident Advisors and must have financial need. The Goodmans want to continue Don’s commitment of support for college RAs and their positive development in leadership roles.

Don came to Western in 1962 as Coordinator of Student Activities. During his years at Western, he performed many roles, including service as a counselor, advisor to the student government, administrator of the college’s discipline program, and taught psychology and sociology. He also worked with the students in caring for the “W” on Tenderfoot Mountain and in preparing for its annual lighting at Homecoming. He was an avid outdoorsman – camping, fishing, hunting, skiing, and rafting.  Don was the Director of Housing at the time of his death in 1984.

The message of encouragement that Don would have wanted communicated is “Leadership is not power and control. It is caring and coaching.”

The quotes that capture the spirit of this scholarship are:

“There are no problems, only challenges.”

“Everyone deserves a second chance, and a third chance, and a fourth chance, and a fifth chance…”


Past Scholarship Winners

1989-1990     Bart Bruns
1990-1991     Dawn Heather Barr
1991-1992     Eileen M. Kelley
1992-1993     Travis Haines
2001-2002     Mila Horak
2002-2003     Jonathan Kinner
2003-2004     Joshua Heil
2004-2005     Heidi Schacht
2005-2006     Mark Longo
2006-2007     Sarah Nelson
2007-2008     Devin Roush
2008-2009     Patricia DeLong
2012-2013     Mary Virginia Simpson
2013-2014     Nadia Juvera
​2014-2015     Devon "Bubba" Zavala
​2015-2016     Raigan Williams