Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Internationalization



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Assistant Professor of Sociology
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Office Location: Kelley Hall 220
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Professor of English
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Office Location: Taylor Hall 208F
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Assistant Professor of Psychology; Graduate Faculty, MEM
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Western Colorado University takes a firm and unyielding stance in support of diversity, inclusivity, scientific inquiry and creative expression. We believe these principles are necessary for the free and open inquiry that defines our role as a public institution in a democratic society. We believe that these principles are a moral imperative requiring constant vigilance and a firm stance against actions motivated by hate or intimidation. The university welcomes people of color, people with disabilities, people of all genders and orientations, people of all religious preferences, immigrants and refugees regardless of national origin or ethnicity and other underrepresented communities regardless of socioeconomic class. We actively seek to build a civil and respectful culture which affirms these principles in all that we do.

DEII Committee Charge

Western’s DEII Committee exists to turn the above diversity statement into action, both the Board of Trustees and President Greg Salsbury endorsed the above Statement on Diversity and Inclusion, authored and adopted by the Faculty Senate, with the ultimate goal of building a campus culture of inclusive excellence.

What is inclusive excellence?

  • A focus on student intellectual and social growth.
  • A development and use of Western’s resources to enhance student learning.
  • An attention to the cultural differences students bring to Western.
  • A welcoming community that engages its diversity in student and organizational learning.

Guiding Definitions 

Diversity: Creating an educational environment that honors the entities, experiences and intersectionality of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, intellectual abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs and ideologies.

Equity: Understanding where people are coming from and working to ensure fair access to opportunities, services, funding and resources.

Inclusion: Promoting fair, safe, healthy, open and supportive engagement among a diverse community.

Internationalization: Integrating an international and intercultural dimension into the academic and service functions of the university.

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