Environment & Sustainability Department

Department Head: Dr. John C. Hausdoerffer
Administrator: Dr. Kate Clark

Department Mailing Address:

Western Colorado University
Kelley Hall 240
1 Western Way
Gunnison, CO 81231

Department Phone Numbers:

Phone: 970.943.7011


Kevin Alexander headshot
Professor of Biology; Chair, Department of Natural and Environmental Sciences
B.A., University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D., University of North Texas
Phone: 970.943.3405
Office Location: Hurst Hall 143C
Melanie  Armstrong , Ph.D. headshot
Assistant Professor & Public Lands Coordinator
Office Location: Kelley Hall 109
Robin A. Bingham headshot
Professor of Biology
B.A., University of Vermont, M.A., University of Colorado, Ph.D., University of Colorado
Phone: 970.943.3355
Office Location: Hurst Hall 222
D. Scott Borden, Ph.D. headshot
Graduate Faculty for Master in Environmental Management (MEM), Adjunct Graduate Faculty for Outdoor Industry MBA, Coordinator of the Sustainable and Resilient Communities MEM Track, Resilience Studies Consortium Coordinator
B.A., Western Colorado University, M.A., Prescott College, Ph.D., University of Exeter
Phone: 970.943.2294
Office Location: Kelley Hall 108
Abel Chávez, Ph.D. headshot
Dean of Graduate Studies; Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs; Assistant Professor of Environment and Sustainability
B.S., University of Colorado Denver, M.B.A., University of Houston, Ph.D., University of Colorado Denver
Office Location: Kelley Hall 104
Dr. Kate Clark headshot
Director of Undergraduate Environment and Sustainability Program; Graduate Faculty in Master in Environmental Management programs, Environment and Sustainability and Sociology programs
B.A., James Madison University, M.S. University of Colorado Boulder, Ph.D. Environmental Studies University of Colorado Boulder
Office Location: Kelley Hall 146
Jonathan Coop headshot
Assistant Professor
B.A., University of California–Santa Cruz, Biology, 1995, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin–Madison, Botany, 2005
Phone: 970.943.2565
Office Location: Kelley Hall 105
Philip L. Crossley headshot
Professor of Geography
B.A., Trinity Western University, M.A., University of Texas-Austin, Ph.D., University of Texas-Austin
Phone: 970.943.2800
Office Location: Kelley Hall 220
Brian Dalton headshot
Lecturer in Biology
B.A., Occidental College, Ph.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Phone: 970.943.2287
Office Location: Hurst Hall 132
Jennie DeMarco, Ph.D. headshot
Lecturer in Environment and Sustainability
B.S., Northern Arizona University , Ph.D., University of Florida
Phone: 970.943.2013
Office Location: Leslie J. Savage Library 303
Matthew Ebbott headshot
Senior Lecturer in Recreation and Outdoor Education
B.A., John Carroll University, M.S., Western Illinois University
Phone: 970.943.2115
Office Location: Wright Gym 222
Suzanne Ewy, J.D. headshot
Coldharbour Chair in Environment & Sustainability, Executive Director, Coldharbour Institute
J.D., Seattle Law School, M.S.L., Vermont Law School, B.S., Fort Lewis College
Phone: 970.943.2023
Office Location: Kelley Hall 114A
Thomas Grant, Ph.D. headshot
Lecturer in Environment & Sustainability
B.S., University of Denver, M.S., University of Colorado Denver, Ph.D., Colorado State University
Office Location: Kelley Hall 114B
Karen Hausdoerffer, MFA headshot
Lecturer in Environment & Sustainability
B.A., Stanford University, M.F.A., University of Idaho
Office Location: Kelley Hall 114B
Dr. John C. Hausdoerffer headshot
Dean, School of Environment & Sustainability
B.A., Western State Colorado University; , M.A., St. John's College; , Ph.D., Washington State University.
Phone: (970) 943-3450
Office Location: Kelley Hall 142
Mark High headshot
Lecturer in Teacher Education & PT
Office Location:
Derek  D. Houston, Ph.D. headshot
Thornton Chair in Biology, Lecturer in Biology
B.S., Brigham Young University, M.S., Brigham Young University, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Phone: 970.943.2269
Office Location: Hurst Hall 143B
Corinne Knapp, Ph.D. headshot
Assistant Professor of Environment & Sustainability, and Integrative and Public Land Management MEM Coordinator
B.A., University of Colorado, M.S., Colorado State University, Ph.D., University of Alaska
Office Location: Kelley Hall 106
Jack Lucido headshot
Professor of Communication Arts
B.A., Humboldt State University; , M.F.A., University of North Carolina-Greensboro.
Phone: (970) 943-3052
Office Location: Taylor Hall 212E
Patrick Magee headshot
Assistant Professor of Biology
B.S., Colorado State University, M.S., University of Missouri, Ph.D., University of Missouri
Phone: 970.943.7121
Office Location: Hurst Hall 143A
Salif P. Mahamane headshot
Assistant Professor of Psychology; Graduate Faculty, MEM
B.A., Baylor University, M.S., New Mexico Highlands University, Doctoral Candidate, Utah State University
Phone: 970.943.7037
Office Location: Kelley Hall 240
David W. Marchetti headshot
Professor of Geology
B.A., State University of New York, College at Geneseo; M.S., Ph.D., University of Utah.
Phone: (970) 943-2367
Office Location: Hurst Hall 224
Taryn Mead, Ph.D. headshot
Graduate Faculty
B.A., Western Colorado University, Ph.D., University of Exeter - UK
Office Location: Kelly Hall 108
Brooke Moran, Ph.D. headshot
Professor of Recreation and Outdoor Education for MEM Graduate Program, Adjunct Graduate Faculty for Outdoor Industry MBA
B.S., University of New Hampshire, M.A., Harvard Graduate School of Education, Ph.D., University of New Hampshire
Phone: 970.943.2118
Office Location: Wright Gym 223
Dr. Jeff Sellen headshot
Director of Environment & Sustainability, Assistant professor of Environment & Sustainability, Director of the Colorado Water Workshop
B.A., Wartburg College , M.A., University of Nebraska-Omaha, Ph.D., Washington State University
Phone: 970.943.3162
Office Location: Kelley Hall 104
Lynn L. Sikkink, Ph.D. headshot
Professor of Anthropology
B.A., University of Colorado; , M.A., University of Minnesota, Ph.D., University of Minnesota.
Phone: 970.943.2062
Office Location: Hurst Hall 31C
Maria Boikova Struble headshot
Professor of Politics and Government
B.A., Louisiana State University, M.A., Arizona State University, Ph.D., Lancaster University
Phone: 970.943.3024
Office Location: Kelley Hall 204
Heather Thiessen-Reily headshot
Professor of History; Director Masters in Gallery Management and Exhibit Specialization
B.A., University of Saskatchewan, M.A., Flinders University of South Australia, Ph.D., Tulane University
Phone: 970.943.7128
Office Location: Kelley Hall 225
Sally Thode headshot
Lecturer in Environment & Sustainability
B.S., Colorado State University, M.S., Colorado State University
Office Location: Kelley Hall 114A
Jessica Young, Ph.D. headshot
Global Coordinator, Associate Professor of Environment and Sustainability
B.A., University of California San Diego, Ph.D., Purdue University
Phone: 970.943.2195
Office Location: Leslie J. Savage Library 120