Dining & Catering Services

Welcome to Western's Dining & Catering Services. 

Due to the consistent delivery of excellent food and general commitment to quality exhibited by its employees, Western has a proud and longstanding relationship with Sodexo, our campus food service. If it is not the smiling faces worn by the cooks at the omelette station or the salad bar, its the broad variety of meal options from vegan and vegetarian choices to hand-crafted pizzas that will surely leave you wearing a similar smile and satisfied apetite. 

Rare Air Cafe 

*2019 Dining Services pricing subject to change. 

2018 Pricing

Breakfast: $6.55

Lunch: $8.65

Dinner: $10.20

(All Meals: $25.40)

For further information regarding dining options at The Rare Air Cafe, please visit the official Sodexo website here

Mad Jack's 

For further information regarding the dining options at Mad Jack's, please visit the official Sodexo website here

Flavours Catering by Sodexo 

For further information regarding Flavours catering services, please visit the Official Sodexo website here

Menu: For a Summer 2019 Catering menu, please visit Flavours catering here

Contact Information: 

Telephone: 970.943.2000

Email: catering@western.edu



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