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The Color Career Indicator 4.1

The Career Leadership Evaluation 5.0

Your Top 50 Most Enjoyable Occupations! You receive a report of Your Top 50 Most Enjoyable Occupations. One click delivers by occupation updated career statistics, another click a video of that career.

#1 in Accuracy: With 80.2 accuracy, the CCI 4.1 has credentials higher than Myers Briggs Credentials

O*Net Link: Read by occupation the Percent Growth-2018/Projected Job Openings/Significant Points/Salary Ranges/Nature of the Work/Educational Requirements/Job Outlook /Accredited Schools/Job Responsibilities/Daily Tasks/Related Careers.

Occupational Videos: Candid Career Videos are linked to each occupational recommendation. You’ll experience a career professional explaining each profession.

Guides Clueless job market students: Beyond their self-perception, into their best career fit.

Works in conjunction with: The Myers Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory and Focus Career Inventory.

Empower Success With Coaching Tips! This assessment identifies your most enjoyable career paths. Then, guides you towards how to best present yourself in an interview.

Career Coaching Assessment: Used by personnel professionals to identify workplace core competencies – expect result-oriented guidance.

Reinforces Your Passions: This career overview indicates what you love to do, and why it’s fun – with tips for improving performance.

Supports Weakest Links: Turn past failures into success with advice that generates enthusiasm and opens doors.

CLE adds in-depth coaching advice that gets the student hired: Works in conjunction with the Myers Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory and Focus Career Inventory.


Now you don’t have to do the occupation to know if you like it!

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Student's report indicates occupations that reflects their passion.

One click delivers career facts and Career Professional Videos.

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