DegeeWorks Planner FAQs

What is the Planner feature in DegreeWorks?

Planner is a tool that helps you map out future semesters.

Both you and your advisor can create academic plans. You may find it useful to create a plan for your next semester prior to your advising appointment.  Some departments have large or sequential course requirements and you may want to plan multiple semesters. Planner also allows you to enter reminders in the Notes area of Planner.

It is recommended that you create an active plan and keep it up-to-date, as this information may be used by academic departments in planning for future course offerings.

How do I create a plan?

By utilizing a split screen, Planner allows you to drag and drop courses from your audit into future semester plans. You can also type courses directly into the planner boxes. You must enter the course as it is labeled in the catalog (e.g., GEOG 110, not Geography 110).

In the future, some departments may develop templates for their majors. If your department has developed a template, you may wish to begin your plan with a template, which will lay out a suggested plan of study semester-by-semester. To do this, in the right side "Student Educational Planner" column, click "Load in a pre-defined plan." Complete the necessary information to search for an appropriate plan. Note the search form is pre-populated with your curriculum data. Select the correct plan by Catalog year and click "Load into my plan." Once the plan is populated, edit as desired, then click "Save Plan" to retain the plan of study you developed.

Will putting courses into Planner change my audit?

No. Courses entered into Planner will not affect your actual audit.

You can, however, see how the courses you have entered into Planner will apply by checking the box(es) next to each semester that you wish to include, then click Process New.

On the left-hand side of Planner you will see how your anticipated courses apply to various requirements.  Note that you cannot save Planner audit. You may also apply a What If scenario to your Planner audit. This is especially useful if you have not formally updated your major, etc.

What if I haven’t declared a major?

Do I have to wait to use the Planner until I’ve picked a major?

No. You can use Planner now to map out your General Education requirements and make sure you are on track to complete them in your first two years.

You can also use the What If option in the Planner to map out possible plans to completing various majors.

Can my advisor see my plan(s)?

Yes. Your advisor can see your plan(s) and assist you in the planning process. The Notes feature can be utilized to track advising sessions and save reminders.

Your advisor may lock a developed plan. Once your plan is locked, you will need to return to your advisor to make any additional changes.

Will entering courses in Planner register me for that semester?

No. Planner is for projection purposes only. Course registration will remain the same through your MyWestern account.

How can I make sure that the courses I plan for are offered in those semesters?

You should always review your plan with your advisor, as they will be your best resource for knowing when particular courses in their discipline are offered. Final course schedules are available to students online shortly before registration.

If you discover that a course you had planned for is not being offered, you should identify an alternate course and adjust your plan accordingly.

Can I print my plan?

Yes, there is a print link on the top left of Planner.

You cannot print only specific semesters, but the entire 7 pages of Planner will print.