Curriculum Proposals

Issues to Consider When Drafting Curriculum Proposals

As we move to electronic curriculum information it is important to remember some curriculum items require further consideration. The following items are examples of curriculum based issues that may be impossible to program in Banner or DegreeWorks:

  • Students must take X number of credits in consultation with an advisor cannot be entered as a prerequisite.
  • Prerequisites that include completion of high school classes cannot be entered as a prerequisite because these are not evaluated and are not entered or recognized in Banner.
  • Class standing, such as junior or senior standing can be recognized in the system, but the system uses credit hours as of the registration date. Students registering in the spring term may not have accumulated enough credit hours to obtain junior or senior standing until the end of the term, so they will not be allowed to register for the course.
  • ‘Admission to a Program’ can be coded, but the department must track and enter this information in the system.
  • Competencies not offered as courses at Western, such as completion of a Red Cross CPR certification, cannot be coded in the system unless this information is reported to Registration Services and is entered in non-course information in Banner.
  • The phrase ‘Strongly encouraged to take Class X, Y, and Z’ is advice not a pre-requisite, and cannot be coded in Banner as a prerequisite.
  • Variable credit courses, such as internships or independent studies, need clarification

                -Can they be taken for a total of X number of credits?
                -Can they be repeated for a better grade?
                -Can classes that have a variable credit of 1-6 credits be taken multiple times up to 6 credits or
                      can each “class” be 1-6 credits?

  • Prerequisites for courses should be in the course description. Classes, such as core classes for the major, will not be listed in the course description on the course search.