WP Pass

The WP Pass is an optional Membership. For $50/semester you can check out most of the gear in our warehouse for free, and receive discounts on WP Trips. Boat and bike rentals are not included with the WP Pass, but remain extremely reasonable for pass holders. The pass makes WP your personal gear locker.

Here's how the free checkouts work (ie, you can't hold onto something all semester!):

  • Gear checked out Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday is due back Thursday by 4pm.
  • Gear checked out Thursday or Friday is due back Monday by 4pm.
  • The weekend rate will apply for rentals longer than the above time periods, up to a week. Rentals longer than one week are subject to additional charges.
  • Holidays are always an exception. WP will advertise special holiday rates.
  • Returned gear must stay in the warehouse 24 hours before it can be checked out again.
  • Late gear will be charged the published daily rate, each day until the gear is returned. 
  • Damage charges will still be assessed on any items needing repair or replacement. It is your responsibility to note any damage before checking out gear.
  • Gear is for personal use only. You may rent for a friend at the normal student rate. Pass holders must show a valid Western ID with current WP Pass sticker.