Staff Bio

KWSB is run by a management staff that consists of Western students (with the exception of the General Manager).  Each manager supervises a department in the station and the DJ’s and students that wish to contribute to that department. Please contact whomever you believe can best help you. If you are in doubt send questions to our Station Manager or Faculty Supervisor Terry Schliesman at

Kiera Classen - Station Manager

KWSB Kiera Classen

Kiera Classen is KWSB's Station Manager for the 2014-2015 school year. She has been with KWSB for almost 3 years now, starting as a DJ, then promoted to Promotions Manager in 2013 and now in 2014 she is the Station Manager. Kiera is a Exercise Sports Science and Recreation and Outdoor Education, Outdoor Leadership Emphasis double major. Kiera hopes to become an adventure Photographer or a coach. She is also a Student Government Senator. You will almost never see Kiera without her camera or some form of outdoor equipment, she loves climbing and Mountain biking as well as any water sport.

Contact Kiera at



Tyler Brown - Trainer

KWSB Tyler Brown
Tyler Brown is a Communications major and an Art minor. She is an avid snowboarder and a lover of the outdoors, good books and adorable animals. She's our station trainer for our 2014-15 semester and her show is Tuesdays at six.

 Contact Tyler to be trained as a DJ on KWSB at





Kelsey Hollenbaugh - Music Director

KWSB Kelsey Hollenbaugh

Kelsey Hollenbaugh is the Music Director at KWSB, and has been for the past three years. She is a 5th year senior Music Education major at Western, and her main instrument is the violin. She is earning minors in psychology and sociology as well. Besides music related tasks, Kelsey enjoys skiing, attending concerts, and traveling. 

Contact Kelsey to submit your music for airplay on KWSB at




Robert Mitchell - Sports Director

KWSB - Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell is a junior at Western majoring in Communication with an emphasis in Film Studies. His passions include sports, radio and playing basketball. His show takes place every Monday at 7pm, playing multiple different genres.

 Contact Robert for any questions or comments about sports broadcasting at





Patrick Rulh - Production Manager

KWSB - Patrick Rulh

Patrick Rulh is the production manager here at KWSB. He loves nature and soul music. Some might call him "a white boy with flavor." He has created many PSAs during his time at KWSB and is always making more.

Contact Patrick if you need a PSA created at





Mark Kenney - Digital Director

Mark Kenney is a Communication Arts major with a minor in Business Administration. He has a passion for video games and good sound design. As Digital Director, he is in charge of running the Automation system (music system the station uses) and keeping the website up to date.

Contact Mark for questions or comments at


Terry Schliesman - Faculty Supervisor

Contact Terry at

You may also call (970) 943-3222 to reach the on-air booth of KWSB. This is best used to request songs and there is no guarantee that someone will be able to help you. Email is the best way to reach the staff.