Intercollegiate Athletics Comittee 2011-2012

Mission Statement

The mission of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee is to support, promote and strengthen the student-athlete's academic and intellectual growth while understanding and supporting the student-athlete's commitment to the team, the sport and the mission of the Western State College athletics program.

Policies and Resolutions

All files are PDF format.

Institutional Expecations for the Interaction of Academics and Athletics (PDF format)

Transfer Release Appeal Process (PDF format)

Faculty Athletic Representative Job Description (PDF format)

Practice Schedules


Name                             DepartmentEmail address             PhoneTerm Expires
Cindy DrexelBAEcdrexel@western.edu943-21252013
JoAnn Arai-BrownCALLjarai@western.edu943-20992013
Caroline MitchellBASScmitchell@western.edu943-71272012
Michael ViereggeBAEmvieregge@western.edu943-25662012
Kevin AlexanderNESkalexander@western.edu943-34052013
Jim WoytekTEPjwoytek@western.edu943-70232013
Greg Waggoner Athletic Directorgwaggoner@western.edu943-2079non-voting
Scott GroomAsst. Athletic Directorsgroom@western.edu943-3020non-voting