Reassign Time

It is the intention of Western State Colorado University to provide support for faculty and staff interested in utilizing grants and contracts to improve their teaching strategies and provide students with an opportunity to participate in undergraduate research. In some instances, it is appropriate for the primary investigator to request reassign time within the grant budget and be provided this reassign time within their individual departments in order to focus on the sponsored project. Reassign time will be provided for within the following guidelines:

  • Reassign time must be financially provided for within the grant’s budget.
  • A request for reassign time must be secured in writing from the Department Chair or Director prior to the actual submission of the grant and will be dependent on the successful award of the grant.  This letter accompanies the tracking sheet as it is routed for approval. The written agreement will be filed with the Department, and the offices of Sponsored Programs and Academic Affairs.  
  • The suggested maximum reassign time associated with a grant-sponsored project/program is one (1) semester per academic year.  This is negotiated with the Department Chair or Director as appropriate for the funded project and approved by Academic Affairs. 
  • The primary investigator/project director may be asked to work with the chair to identify and secure an adjunct to replace him or her in the classroom.