About COVID-19 Task Force

Western's COVID-19 Task Force

To prepare for varied possibilities, Western has assembled a Task Force of senior officials who are actively working to ensure campus resiliency and to minimize and mitigate any threats of this emerging public health threat to the university and the Gunnison Valley. We are actively tracking and following federal guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including new guidance for COVID-19 pandemic preparedness planning and protocols for students, faculty and staff who are traveling or have recently traveled.

Task Force Members (click on the person's name to view their contact info):

Abel Chavez, Dean of Graduate Studies and Vice President of Student Success
Kevin Alexander, Professor of Biology and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Jeremy Simon, Director of Marketing Communications
Nathan Kubes, Director of Campus Security
Sherry Ford, Director of Business Services
Scott Cantril, Director of Student Health & Wellness
Kim Gailey, Director of Human Resources

Community Preparedness

Western is an integral member of a countywide rapid-response network whose membership includes key personnel across city, county, state, and federal entities, with responsibilities for policy, fire, health and other aspects of emergency management. This network meets monthly at Western and frequently communicates between meetings to address timely circumstances. Gunnison County has a Pandemic Influenza Plan and a Community Disease Containment Plan that outlines protocols and advisement related to potential health scenarios such as COVID-19.