Contract Administration

Western Contracts

The Contracts function of Western Procurement and Contracts serves to ensure that established standards of good business practice and good contract management principles are applied to the University’s contracts, minimize risks to the University in its contractual relationships and ensure that the University’s contracts comply with the State’s laws, rules and policies. 

The Western Contract Administrator writes, reviews and oversees all aspects of contract development, processing, negotiation and execution for the University. The Contract Administrator facilitates contract legal review, conducts annual review of multi-year contracts, processes contract amendments and renewals and is available to train and support contract managers and processors in the University’s departments.  The Contract Administrator provides assistance with terms and conditions understanding and clarification, contract dispute resolution and contract termination.

Authority to Sign Contracts

All University employees should be aware that only the University President, with limited delegation to other University officers, has authority to sign contracts and commit the University in a contractual arrangement.  Any contract, agreement, lease, license, etc., that is presented for a University signature that will agree to legal terms and conditions must be sent to the Contract Administrator for review and advice for an appropriate processing procedure.

Personal Services Contract Info and Process Instructions