Mears Complex

Welcome to Mears Complex 

This particular residence sits adjacent to Ute Hall and at the bottom of lush Taylor Lawn. Furthermore, Mears Complex consists of three main halls: Mears, Moffat and Robidoux Hall which all share lounges, computer labs, a common kitchen in the center and full laundry capabilities. All three halls are joined by several enclosed corridors and feature fully furnished suite-style double rooms joined by a shared bathroom. Its favorable location places Mears Complex steps away from several convenient parking lots as well as many of the buildings on campus such as the Mountaineer Field House and University Center. 


* site specific amenities in addition to general amenities available to all guests. 

  • Common lounge 
  • Common kitchen
  • Study rooms
  • Laundry services 

Mears, Moffat, & Robidoux Halls 


  • Room: 17 ft by 15 ft with window 
  • Bed: Extra long twin, 1 ft off ground (adjustable) 
  • Desk: 2 ft 5 in tall, 3 ft wide, 2 ft long 
  • Wardrobe: 6 ft tall, 3 ft wide, 2 ft long.