Chipeta Hall Pet Policy

The Chipeta Pet Program is being discontinued, therefore we are no longer accepting applications for this program for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Leading the Way...

Chipeta Hall has a pet policy that extends beyond the bounds of the pet policy in all other campus residence halls and apartments. This is a policy that you will not see at many other colleges and universities throughout the country. Typically, our most academically driven and independent upper-class students live in Chipeta Hall, and our pet policy reflects our support of those students' goals.

(PLEASE NOTE: Residents who are not currently assigned to Chipeta Hall and all first-year students may not apply for this program. Housing in Chipeta Hall is limited and cannot be guaranteed. All requests to be reassigned to Chipeta Hall during the academic year must follow Residence Life's standard operating procedures.)

The Approval Process

Residents of Chipeta Hall, with approval from Residence Life, will be permitted to have one cat or one small to medium dog per apartment. No other animals will be considered. This approval will be extended only to residents who live in Chipeta Hall and satisfactorily meet all of the requirements.

Residents must first contact Residence Life. At that point, a Residence Life representative and the resident will set up a time for a personal interview. To prepare for that personal interview, residents should gather and be ready to submit:

  • Copies of recent veterinary records, including records of the animal being neutered/spayed and date of birth
  • A recent, dated photo of the animal
  • Plans for how the animal will be cared for during long breaks (i.e. Winter Break and Spring Break).

All animals must be over 1.5 years of age, and all dogs must be crate trained.

Any resident found with unapproved animals in her/his apartment prior to participating in this process will be automatically disqualified from present and future participation in this program. All residents not approved for participation in this program will be subject to the pet policy as stated in the Student Handbook.

The Contract

Before receiving approval, residential participants in this program will sign a contract that stipulates:

  • The submission of a $300 non-refundable pet fee, used for complete sanitation of the apartment at the conclusion of the academic year or when the resident leaves that space (whichever comes first)
  • The animal remaining in the resident's assigned apartment with the exception of transportation out of the building (Animals are not permitted to be visit other residents' apartments for any reason.)
  • Pet inspections every three (3) weeks by a Chipeta Hall Resident Advisor
  • The apartment being kept clean through the use of the resident's personal cleaning supplies
  • Non-resident visitors to the apartment being made aware of the presence of the animal before entering
  • Apartmentmate agreement to and approval of the contract, represented by her/his signature in the "Apartmentmate Acknowledgement of Participation and Responsibility" section of the contract
  • Swift addressing of complaints of noise, smell, or other issues
  • Compliance with any reasonable Residence Life request.

All of these stipulations are in place for the health and safety of our residents and of the pets of other residents participating in the pet program.

By the Book

In addition to agreement with all of the stipulations set forth by the contract, residents participating in this program are expected to follow all City of Gunnison laws and ordinances concerning animals, including pet registration, pet waste laws, and leash laws. Residence Life also expects that policies set forth by Western State Colorado University will be followed, including the prohibition of animals in most campus buildings, the requiring of leashes, and outside areas where pets are not permitted.

If the resident does not comply with all of the stipulations set forth by the contract, Western State Colorado University, and the City of Gunnison, her/his participation in the program will be terminated.

The Bottom Line

At Western, we listen to the desires of our students, and this program is proof of that. After a trial year with great success, we are confident in the positive effects of a program such as this. We encourage responsible participation and curious questioning from our students; we are partners in this program. Together, we hope to create a safe and healthy environment for our residents in which they can participate as full members of our community. Together, we are building a fuller Residence Life experience here at Western.