Partner with Career Services

You have the students, we have the resources! Career Services looks forward to working with Western faculty and staff to meet the career development needs of your students. 

  • Include Career Services' contact information on your course syllabi.
  • Invite us to conduct workshops on a variety of topics for classes or student groups. Topics include resume and cover letter development, interviewing skills, job and internship search, social media presence and more. Contact us to discuss how we can help!
  • Encourage students to participate in Career Services events. Faculty may have opportunities to work in related content to course curricula or offer extra credit for event participation.
  • Refer students to Career Services for individual career advising and resources.
  • Let us know about alumni and colleagues who are interested in presenting on campus or serving in mentoring roles to students.
  • Keep us posted about students of your who have secured internships, externships and jobs.
  • Engage your students and advisees actively in conversations about their career interests, goals and preparation.
  • Sponsor a table at the annual Professional Development Dinner and encourage your network to participate in a career fair as an employer.