When to Make a Report

Is someone you know...

  • experiencing a decline in work or academic performance?

  • demonstrating disruptive or disturbing behavior?

  • showing dramatic changes in appearance, behavior or weight?

  • having problems at home, with classes or work?

  • making disturbing comments in conversation, email, letters, social media postings or papers?

  • sad, anxious or experiencing dramatic mood shifts?

  • abusing alcohol or drugs?

  • isolating themselves socially?

  • acting paranoid or suspicious?

  • frequently angry or easily frustrated?

  • struggling with health problems?

These behaviors, especially when more than one are present, may be signs that a student, faculty member or staff member is in distress.

There are many resources available at Western to help.

Your confidential report to Western's Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team can make a difference.