Vaccination Information

The Western Health Center can provide students with most vaccines they will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle including the flu shot and the HPV vaccine. We recommend you call the Health Center at 943.2707 for pricing and scheduling. if you are traveling to a foreign country and require Typhoid, Cholera, or Yellow Fever vaccinations please contact the Montrose Public Health Dept. at 970.252.5000 for information regarding those vaccinations.

There is an abundance of information available at the CDC website From there you can browse their page and visit sites that will answer vaccination questions, lead you to links about international travel and much, much more. For information regarding a specific vaccine click on Vaccine Information Statements (VIS). From there you can click on individual vaccines.

Helpful Links for Specific Vaccinations

Human Papilloma Virus:

Hepatitis A-E:


Preventing the Flu:

Meningitis Disease Information:

Tetanus, Pertussis, Diptheria Booster (Tdap) for adolescents:


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