Campus-based Funding Resources for Western Community

Professional Activity Fund (PAF)

Western’s PAF is available to assist faculty as they conduct professional activities and includes, but is not limited to: engagement with the novel; research; publishing; professional presentations; artistic endeavors; attending professional conferences; grant writing; representing faculty at regional, state, national organizations; and official capacities within professional associations. Professional activity should be directed toward improving classroom teaching, involving students in research and scholarly activity, or enhancing the reputation of the University. Emphasis should be on activities that keep teaching current and valid.

Student Government Association Funding (SGA)

SGA has funding that is set-aside called “Bill Money." It is an arbitrary amount: everything left after annual expenses. Contact a student senator for established protocol.

Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley

The Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley Grant Competition is an annual cycle with a deadline of May 15. Western has worked collaboratively to develop a new protocol for the submission of up to three applications from Western. Competitive applications from Western must demonstrate a strong impact within the greater Gunnison Valley, not just a campus focus. Please read the Grant Application Information for Western Submissions document below to understand the internal review process. The internal review submission deadline is April 1, annually. The CFGV guidelines are located on the CFGV website



The Community Foundation requires Western to provide the current year and previous fiscal year budget-to-actual template with every proposal. 
Please use department or program specific budget information. 
There will be three budget sheets for each application:
1. current year budget-to-actual
2. previous fiscal year budget-to-actual 
3. project budget

Interclub Council (ICC)

ICC uses their allocation to meet the needs of the 40+ official clubs on campus. Be creative and partner with a club to make a request. They often have funding left near the end of the academic year so keep them in mind. 

Convocation Funds

The availability of these funds is announced via a “Western info” email in the fall of each year by the LEAD office. Contact the LEAD office located in the University Center for additional information.