Behavioral & Social Sciences Department


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Dolezal, Gary Memorial Scholarship


  • High School seniors to college seniors
  • Must have been involved in scouting program and attained rank of First Class Scout
  • Must be a graduate of a Western Slope high school
  • Preference will be given to Gunnison High School graduates who meet the criteria


This scholarship is provided by the family to perpetuate the memory of Gary Dolezal, who was an example of scouting, citizenship and scholarship.

Award depends on funds available


Please complete and submit Western's Common Scholarships Application




Matt Aronson, Ph.D. headshot
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Phone: 970.943.7126
Office Location: Kelley Hall 220
Lindsay Beddes, Ph.D. headshot
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Phone: 970.943.7094
Office Location: Kelley Hall 222
Brian Bernhardt, Ph.D. headshot
Associate Professor of Politics & Government
Phone: 970.943.3025
Office Location: Kelley Hall 205
Kate Clark, Ph.D. headshot
Director of Undergraduate Environment & Sustainability Program; Graduate Faculty in Master in Environmental Management programs, Environment & Sustainability and Sociology programs
Office Location: Kelley Hall 146
Scott I. Cohn, Ph.D. headshot
Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone: 970.943.3022
Office Location: Kelley Hall 212
Kari   Commerford, M.A. headshot
Lecturer in Psychology
Phone: 970.943.3018
Office Location: Kelley Hall 210
Philip L. Crossley, Ph.D. headshot
Professor of Geography
Phone: 970.943.2804
Office Location: Kelley Hall 217
Lindsey C. Fast, Ph.D. headshot
Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone: 970.943.2057
Office Location: Kelley Hall 224
Jacqulyn Gabriel, Ph.D. headshot
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Phone: 970.943.2289
Office Location: Kelley Hall 221
Greg Haase, Ph.D. headshot
Professor of Sociology, Department Chair of Behavioral & Social Sciences Department
Phone: 970.943.2070
Office Location: Kelley Hall 218
Mike King, J.D. headshot
Instructor in Behavioral & Social Sciences Department
Phone: 970.943.2041
Office Location: Taylor Hall 208B
Salif P. Mahamane, M.S. headshot
Assistant Professor of Psychology; Graduate Faculty, MEM
Phone: 970.943.7037
Office Location: Kelley Hall 206
Camarin Porter, Ph.D. headshot
Lecturer in European and World History
Phone: 970.943.7067
Office Location: Kelley Hall 223
Shannon Sprott headshot
Lecturer in Geography
Phone: 970.943.3021
Office Location: Kelley Hall 211
Maria Boikova Struble, Ph.D. headshot
Professor of Politics & Government, Model UN Faculty Advisor
Phone: 970.943.3024
Office Location: Kelley Hall 204
Heather Thiessen-Reily, Ph.D. headshot
Professor of History
Phone: 970.943.7128
Office Location: Kelley Hall 225
Duane Vandenbusche, Ed.D. headshot
Professor of History; State Historian's Council, History Colorado
Phone: 970.943.2068
Office Location: Kelley Hall 227
Cindy Whitney, Ph.D. headshot
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Phone: 970.943.2059
Office Location: Kelley Hall 213

The Behavioral & Social Sciences examine and quantify the essence of what it is to be human. This field investigates how people organize their lives alone, together and within different environments. The various disciplines look at the environmental, social and historical contexts in which human behavior occurs.

Areas of Study Include: 

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