Assessment Committee Notes - March 7, 2005

Assessment Committee Meeting

March 7, 2005

Crawford Hall Conference Room

Present:  Cindy Drexel, Jim Hahn, Kathleen Kinkema, Anne Ryter, Terri Wenzlaff, and Richard Wilkens (Kim Brown, recorder)

Absent:  Beth Avery

Before tackling today’s agenda items, Anne Ryter asked Terri Wenzlaff about last Friday's (03/04) goals assessment workshop, and Terri replied that it was fairly well attended (she was the only committee member there).  Terri mentioned that she had emailed an attendance grid to each of the department chairs and directors, so they would have an idea of which classes on the rotation were represented.  She also used that opportunity to remind them of the discipline assessment workshop on March 17, as well as the deadline for submitting discipline assessment plans, which is May 16.

Copies of the draft waiver entitled “Permission to Use Class Assignments” were distributed for editing contributions from committee members.  Terri Wenzlaff noted that she had prepared the draft with input from John Sowell, Jim Erekson (human subjects), and Kim Brown.  Nancy Gauss had provided for reference examples of what Savage Library, as well as a few other college libraries, uses to archive student work.  After accommodating some minor suggestions made by those in attendance, mainly related to formatting, the Western State College student waiver was finalized.  It will be sent via email as an attachment to those faculty members who will be completing area goals assessment forms this semester.  The waiver form will enable each of them to collect one sample of student work per course, which will then be included with their completed area goals statements.  For assignments that are not available electronically, scanning of hard copies will enable the samples to be “pasted” into the assessment documents (music examples will likely be exceptions, but perhaps CD’s can be included with those goals).  This will provide opportunities to share students’ work with faculty members who have expressed interest in seeing what other students are learning, and for them to be able to make changes in their teaching approaches accordingly.  It was suggested that the collection of this material could be purged every three years so that the paperwork doesn’t become overwhelming.  Mention was then made of the fact that it is inevitable that issues related to student samples that have yet to be addressed will arise.  “We’ll just see what we get and go from there,” Terri said.  All agreed that this additional step will continue to improve the assessment efforts on campus.

The discipline assessment workshop planned for March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day) was the next topic of discussion.  Good examples of plans to share at that session will be from disciplines that are currently aligning their goals: Math, Recreation, and Economics (hard copies will be distributed for reference).  Kathleen Kinkema agreed to bring the Kinesiology matrix as well, even though it's a bit outdated.  Other helpful tools will include notebooks of all of last year’s plans, showing the committee’s feedback.  It was agreed that most of the workshop hour should dedicated to questions faculty might have, as well as ample time to work on their own discipline plans.  

The meeting adjourned at approximately 3:40.