PLEASE NOTE: Scholarships associated with academic programs usually have a specific scholarship application form that can easily be obtained by contacting that academic program's office or visiting that academic program's web page.

If you have any questions, please contact the Financial Aid office at 970.943.3085 or 800.876.5309.

 Alumni Association Scholarship

Future Alumni Scholarship

Any child or grandchild enrolled at Western State is eligible to receive the Future Alumni Scholarship.  This is a one-time scholarship of $1,000.  Only one Future Alumni Scholarship will be awarded per academic school year.  Applicants must provide fill out the application form and submit required documents by April 1st.  An Alumni selection committee will review applicants and select an awardee by June 1st.  


 Alumni Legacy Program

Alumni Legacy Program

Do you have a son or daughter looking at college? Have they considered attending Western? As an Alumnus/Alumna of Western, your son, daughter and/or grandchildren are eligible for certain benefits including:

  • $1000 Scholarship
  • Half price orientation ($45 value)
  • Admission Application fee waiver ($30 value)


  • 3.0 or higher high school or college GPA.
  • Legacy applicants must be a prospective student incoming freshman, or new transfer

Legacy Scholarship is a one year non renewable scholarship and is only applicable for the students first year at Western.


 Mountaineer Alumni Recommendation Scholarship

Mountaineer Alumni Recommendation Scholarship

Are you an Alumni of Western and know of a prospective (or incoming) student who would be a great fit at Western?

If the student enrolls, they'll receive an extra $500 in aid their first year - all because of your recommendation


Deadline is June 1st 2018

 Prospective Student Referral

At Western, we believe alumni are absolutely the most qualified people to refer prospective students. After all, who knows the magic of this place better than our alumni?

If you know a prospective student who you think would love Western as much as you did, please let us know. When you click on the following email link, please list the name and mailing address of the student. If you have more information, that would be great, too. Such as--is the student a junior/senior in high school? What high school are they attending? Are they looking to transfer? What college are they currently attending?

ATTENTION: The Western State Alumni Relations office has partnered with Publishing Concepts (PCI) to gather the most up to date contact information of all Alumni.  You may receive emails or a postcard requesting you update your information.  By providing PCI with this updated information, you are helping the Alumni Department continue to keep in touch with you.  If you have questions, please reach out to Taylre Derby at or call 970.943.2029 You may also personally update your information by filling out the form located HERE.

For those who leave Western, but for whom Western never leaves

Western has changed its name, but we're still YOUR alma mater and we are all still Mountaineers. This online community is a great place for alumni to find one another and re-connect. It's an interactive, user-friendly resource that gives you a life-long connection with Western State alumni and friends.

With this community, you'll be able to search for classmates, read about their professional and personal achievements, submit class notes of your own, create your own profile page, have discussions, register for events and much, much more.

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