ALPS - Academic Leadership Program


The mission of the Academic Leadership Program (ALPS) is to recruit, retain, develop, and impel into action, knowledgeable and caring leaders for Western Colorado University. ALPS utilizes the student development model of challenge and support through campus engagement, community involvement, information sharing, intentional leadership development curricula, and servant leadership as tools to achieve this goal. ALPS is motivated by the academic mission of the University and as such strives to recruit qualified high school students to Western and retain them as current students at the University.

General Requirements

  • Students must demonstrate involvement on Western's campus to receive full award.
  • Students must live on-campus to receive full award.
  • Students must submit a resume and reflection paper at the end of each semester to receive full award.
  • Student must attend a majority of group meetings throughout the semester, or have a documented Western related reason for not being able to attend.

Themes and Program Structure by Year

ALPS, YEAR 1: Learn and Join. In year one of the program, students are brought together as a group, introduced to the requirements and structure of the ALPS program, and encouraged to join and participate in a wide variety of campus and community activities. ALPS students will meet every other week. Meetings will be scheduled by the ALPS advisors.

Sophomore Year Experience (SYE) ALPS, YEAR 2: Lead and Serve. The second year focus will be on leadership development and servant leadership. During the first semester of the second year, SYE ALPS students will take a leadership inventory (StrengthsQuest), read leadership related text, participate in discussions of leadership articles, and discuss case studies related to leadership situations. Throughout the academic year, SYE ALPS students will work together to plan and implement SYE initiatives and campus/community service projects as defined for them by the ALPS advisors. SYE ALPS students will meet every other week. Meetings will be scheduled and planned through a joint effort of SYE ALPS students and the ALPS advisors