Incoming Students

 So you are coming to Western, now what?

After you have been accepted but before you 'know' anything about how the IT environment works at Western, it is easy to get confused and frustrated. We understand! Here a few things we think will make it easier to get going.

Living on Campus?

If you are living on campus, make sure to check out our Residence Hall Network Access so you know what to expect in your building.

When you were accepted...

Your computer account

When you were accepted, your username, which is your student ID, was sent along with all the other materials you received.  You should have also received, as a separate letter, your initial password.  This initial password would have been long, complicated and difficult to type.  This is on purpose because we don't want anyone to be able to guess it and we want you to change the password to something you can remember as soon as possible.  You will use this username and password for just about everything on campus, so learn your student ID number and don't share your password!

Your email address

When you were accepted, in addition to your computer account, you were assigned an email address. The address most likely will have taken the form of, but if you have a common name, it may be different. Your exact email address would have been mailed to along with your other materials and/or sent to the email address you provided in your application.  See our email page for details on how to check or forward your mail.

Using MyWestern

When you were accepted, in addition to your computer account and email, you were set up in the MyWestern online system.  You will use MyWestern for registering for classes, paying your bill,  getting your schedule, checking your grades, changing your address and just about anything else that is associated with your permanent academic record at Western. You can log into MyWestern (and all our other systems) using your student ID and password via the Big Red Buttons on the main Current Students page. 

After you have been accepted and registered for classes...

Access to on campus resources

Once you have registered for classes you become a fully fledged Current Student which grants you access to all the computing resources on campus including student computers and wireless (wi-fi) access. 

Your S:drive

All students have an online storage area, called the "S:drive" or "student drive' that can be used to save all your class related materials. The S:drive is automatically attached to any campus computer when you log in. Anything in the S:drive is backed up by the campus, so make sure to save your important materials here. 

Want more information?

Visit our All Students pages for more comprehensive and detailed information.  Even better, give our Helpdesk a call, or if you are on campus stop by.