Web Time Entry Help

Q:  How do I get to MyWestern?
A:  On a computer (or smart phone or tablet) open a browser and go to My.Western.edu

Q:  I don't know my Western username and password, how can I find out?

A:  First, check with your supervisor then, if he/she doesn't know, call IT Services at 943-3123

Q:  How do I get to my timesheet?
A:  Go to My.Western.edu and login using your username (e.g. abc_firstname), and password.

  1. If you have a checklist, deal with those tasks, then click on Main Menu
  2. Click on the Employee tab, or Employee Information Menu
  3. Click on Time Sheet
  4. Skip this step if you are NOT a timesheet approver.  If you are an approver, you will see “Selection Criteria.”  The default for approvers is “Approve or Acknowledge Time.  You can click the radio dial for “Access my Timesheet” to get to your own timesheet, click "select"
  5. On the Position Selection screen, chose your position (if you have more than one) and chose the pay period for which you are entering hours and under "pay period and status" use the drop down box to select the pay period.
  6. Click TimeSheet.

Q:  I want to use the WSCU Timeclock but I don't know my employee ID.  Where can I find it?

A:  It is the last 6 digits on your Western ID card number.  Enter all six numbers including any leading zeros.

Q:  I tried to clock in and got an error message: NO JOBS FOUND error We did not find any eligible jobs for your ID. What should I do now?
A:  Please ask your Timesheet Approver (your supervisor) to work with the Payroll office, (970)943-7028.  Something isn’t complete about setting up your job for Web Time Entry.

Q:  The WSCU TimeClock only shows a green Clock IN button, when I want to clock OUT;
 or  the WSCU TimeClock only shows a red Clock OUT button, when I want to clock IN.
A:  You probably forgot to Clock In or Out, earlier. You must open your timesheet in MyWestern, and manually enter the hours that are incomplete.

Q:  The WSCU TimeClock says I have incomplete time.
A:  You must open your timesheet in MyWestern, and find and correct the hours that are incomplete.  Go to the bottom of the timesheet screen, select “preview” and look for pairs of clock in and out times.  The day with an incomplete pair is the likely problem date.  Select the “previous menu” button.  Find the problem date, look for the earning category row and click on the link to enter times.  Correct your time.

Q:  The WSCU TimeClock says I can’t have shifts over 9 hours.
A:  You may have forgotten to clock out, or perhaps you really did work a long work day or were On Call. You must open your timesheet in MyWestern, and manually enter the hours that are incomplete. Each day’s work must end at or before midnight.  If you worked over mid-night, end one day at 0000, and start the next day at 0000.

Q:  What if my approver is not here to approve my timesheet during his/her two day window?
A:  (1) approvers can approve remotely, just like you can access the system remotely (2) all approvers should designate a "proxy" to approve in their absence (3) Western has "super users" who can ultimately approve timesheets in an emergency.

Q:  How can I use my smartphone for timekeeping?
A:  Access any browser and go to my.western.edu  and click on the blue link at the top.
     Employee Clock-in/Clock-out

OR go to western.edu and at the very bottom of the home page click the Employee Clock-in/Clock-out link    
OR go to the App Store and search for "Western GO", install the app.  Go to the menu in the upper left corner.  Select sign in (at the bottom of the menu).  Sign in using your normal Western username and password (the same ones you use to get into your computer at work).  Click the "stay signed in" box. 

Q:  What if I am working the graveyard shift on the 15th of the month and my shift ends on the 16th of the month?
A:  You will need open your timesheet and clock out at 00:00 on the 15th, then open the new period timesheet and clock in at 00:00 on the 16th.

Q:  I entered time on my timesheet, but it isn't there.  What's wrong?
A:  Be sure that you click the "Save" button at the bottom of your timesheet every time you make a change.

Q:  I still have a problem and these questions didn't help.  What next?

A:  Talk to your supervisor and if they cannot help you, call Payroll at 970-943-7028