Manuscript Critique Submission

Manuscript Critique Submission

Registered participants at the conference may submit work for a critique session with one of the conference faculty or Graduate Creative Writing Program faculty members. The fee for this consultation is $150, payable at the time of registration. There are a limited number of such opportunities -- we encourage anyone who wants a critique session to apply early.

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Submission Guidelines

Submitters must be registered for the conference. On the conference registration page, select "Manuscript Review" and sign up with the reviewer of your choice. Once you have registered, make your submission according to the following guidelines:

Prose (fiction or nonfiction): Submit up to 30 pages from a single work, or key passages from a longer work. If you want comments on a novel, include a 2-3 page synopsis of the plot in addition to the submitted pages.

Poetry: Submit up to ten poems, totaling no more than 20 pages.

Screenwriting: Submit up to four scenes, totaling no more than 30 pages. Include either a plot synopsis or a treatment of up to 2-3 pages for your complete screenplay, in addition to the submitted pages.

Feel free to include a cover page explaining your work. This sheet does not count towards your page count.

Format: We prefer electronic submissions in MS Word. If you use another word-processing program, please save the file as an "rtf" document ("rich text format"). Be sure to indicate your name and the genre of your submission in the file name.

Please send your submission as a single file attached to an email to Dr. Mark Todd, Conference Coordinator. In the email's subject heading, please write, "WtR ms. Submission."

Deadline: July 1, 2015 (to give readers enough time to read and comment on submitted work).

Your reviewer will be in touch before the conference to set up a time and place for your meeting. Most critique sessions will occur on Saturday afternoon, July 25, though writers and instructors should feel free to choose another time if that one is inconvenient (see Conference Schedule).

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