Western-University of Colorado Boulder Partnership Admissions Process

How To Apply

There are two ways to apply to the Western-University of Colorado Boulder Partnership Program: 

  1. Visit our application page, create a username and password and begin your application. In step five, be sure to select "Western-CU Boulder Computer Science Partnership Program" or "Western-CU Boulder Mechanical Engineering Partnership Program." 
  2. Visit commonapp.org and search "Western Colorado University." Add us to your college list and apply. When it prompts you to choose an intended academic program, select "Western-CU Boulder Computer Science Partnership Program," or "Western-CU Boulder Mechanical Engineering Partnership Program."

Transition to CU Boulder

In order to continue to the CU Boulder portion of the degree, students must meet additional academic admissions standards. 

Computer Science Transition

Mechanical Engineering Transition

Rady Merit Scholarship

This is a two-year, full-tuition Western scholarship.

Students are eligible if they:

  • Declare a major in the Computer Science or Mechanical Engineering partnership programs 
  • Have a GPA of 3.5 or higher 
  • Are eligible for Math 151 - Calculus 1 (via placement tests, credit transfer or a Math ACT/SAT score of 27/630)
  • Are admitted to Western by January 31, 2020

To maintain their scholarship award, students must remain:

  • In the partnership program
  • Eligible for transfer to CU Boulder by earning a B average or better in transfer coursework


If you have any questions, please contact our Admissions team at admissions@western.edu or 970.943.2119.