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Skyeler Smith headshot

Skyeler Smith

“The professors here are really encouraging when it comes to making your time at Western unique. It has been so easy for me to take opportunities and it’s easy for anyone to start their own club.”

Skyeler Smith is studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in Psychology at Western Colorado University. Skyeler is from Greeley, and she is expecting to graduate Fall 2019. 

Skyeler did not find Western; Western found her. Though she did see advertisements online and heard about it from a few friends, she was not interested until Western reached out to her about the Borick Scholarship Program. 

“They reached out and thought I would be interested [in the Borick Scholarship Program],” said Skyeler. “I came out, visited for the weekend and did that program. That is what did it for me.” 

On campus, Skyeler is involved with quite a few things. 

“I am pretty involved in the Business Department,” said Skyeler. “Within that I am in Pi Sigma Epsilon, which is a new business marketing club that is a year old now. I am the Vice President of Administration for that.” 

Skyeler also started Women at Western about a year ago. Women of Western is a women’s community on campus that has personal and professional growth opportunities. The big focusses are networking and growing their personal and professional strengths as well. Women of Western is housed under the Women’s Student Lounge, which is a separate program. 

As well as being involved with Women at Western, Skyeler is also involved with Amigos within the Multicultural Center, started the figure skating club her freshman year, is in the Geiman Fellowship Program and is the Marketing Director for Club Sports Council. 

Through Club Sports Council, Skyeler has been able to attend leadership conferences and plan events that involve all the club sports teams. The most recent leadership conference that Club Sports was able to attend was in Boston.  

“We were able to bring back a lot of workshops,” said Skyeler. “That not only applies to Club Sports, but I am also able to apply what I learned to the other clubs I am involved with on campus.” 

Needless to say, Skyeler is busy when she is on campus. When she finds free time, Skyeler enjoys art, as well as skiing and ice skating "a lot."  

Not only is Skyeler involved on campus, but also off campus she teaches ice skating classes—both group and private lessons. 

When Skyeler talks about her experience at Western with her professors, she said, “The professors here are really encouraging when it comes to making your time at Western unique. It has been so easy for me to take opportunities and it’s easy for anyone to start their own club.” 

Profile by Western junior Taya Olson.

Faculty & Staff


Tom Miller, M.Sc. headshot
Lecturer in Business Administration and Director of Professional Selling Program
Phone: 970.943.2019
Office Location: Borick Business Building 245
Joel Watson, Ph.D. headshot
Assistant Professor of Marketing, Graduate Faculty for Outdoor Industry MBA
Phone: 970.943.3008
Office Location: Borick Business Building 246


FOR REQUIRED COURSES AND DEGREE PLANS, VISIT THE OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY CATALOG. This is a sample of courses offered by Western Colorado University. To ensure the courses you need are offered during the current semester, please visit the university course search.

 BUAD 100 - Business in Society (3 credits)

A study of the role of business in modern society. Topics include the private enterprise system, consumerism, management functions, major functional areas of large business, vital areas of small-business operation, and the environment of business.

 BUAD 150 - Introduction to Hospitality (3 credits)

An introduction to hospitality management, including historical developmental patterns, current business trends, and future international expectations. Current job market, working environments, personal risks, and rewards are explored.

 BUAD 300 - Business Ethics (3 credits)

A study of how ethics apply to business organizations today. Special emphasis is placed on developing moral reasoning. The course provides multiple perspectives on actual cases and ethical dilemmas faced by organizations with an emphasis on allowing students to think through ethical problems. Topics studied include moral philosophies, moral agency and development, ethical underpinnings of free markets and economic systems, and ethical concerns with the environment, future generations, and other stakeholders such as employees and consumers. Prerequisites: completion of Base Curriculum; BUAD 309 or COTH 202; or instructor permission.

 BUAD 311 - Essentials Excel Skills for the Workplace (1 credits)

This course prepares the student for Microsoft Excel Office Specialist certification. This course covers all of the topics tested by the certifying examination including managing worksheets and workbooks, applying formulas and functions, analyzing and organizing data, visual presentation of data, and sharing worksheet data with others. Prerequisites: college-level mathematics requirement with a minimum grade of "C-" or instructor permission

 BUAD 312 - Advanced Excel Applications (2 credits)

This course emphasizes the use of computer spreadsheets to organize, analyze and present quantitative information to aid managerial decision-making. The course exercises include examples from several disciplines including business, energy and environmental impact analysis, natural sciences, and social sciences. Specific topics will include business planning and budgeting, capital budgeting and net present value analysis, time value of money, cost / benefit analysis, goal seeking, scenario planning and pivot tables. Prerequisites: BUAD 311, Excel Office Specialist certification or instructor permission.

 BUAD 315 - Business Law (3 credits)

Study includes: sales, commercial paper, secured transactions, corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts, and agency. Prerequisite: BUAD 210.

 BUAD 325 - Management Information Systems (3 credits)

A study of how managers can and should be involved with systems planning, development, and implementation; what information systems resources are available to managers for decision support; and how information and technology can be used to support business strategy. Also, this course takes a managerial approach to information systems concepts and applications in business, while exposing the student to various types of software in the business sector. Prerequisite: BUAD 220 or CIS 120.

 BUAD 335 - Marketing Communications (3 credits)

Advertising, sales promotions, media utilization, public relations, and personal selling are highlighted in this course. Legal regulations and ethical considerations in mass media advertising and promotions are also covered. Finally, the student is exposed to the principles of planning and budgeting for such media events. Prerequisites:MATH 140, MATH 141, or MATH 151 with a minimum grade of ÒC-Ó; ACC 201 with a minimum grade of ÒCÓ; BUAD 270; or instructor permission.

 BUAD 340 - Global Business (3 credits)

An advanced course with application of management and marketing principles to the inter-national marketplace. Cultural, political, and geographic differences are analyzed in order to develop market strategies for global markets. Prerequisite: BUAD 309 or COM 202; or instructor permission.

 BUAD 345 - Consumer Behavior (3 credits)

Utilizing theories from the behavioral sciences, this course provides an in-depth examination of the individual customer learning and decision-making processes, segmentation, as well as culture, subculture, and social class relationships with marketing. Students develop an understanding of consumer's shopping behavior, utilization of different marketing channels, perception of products, and reactions to advertising and other selling methods. Prerequisites: completion of Base Curriculum; BUAD 270; or instructor permission.

 BUAD 350 - Human Resource Management (3 credits)

Provides students with an understanding of the functions, content and challenges of Human Resource Management (HRM) in organizations today. Insights will be developed on basic dimensions of HRM such as recruitment, selection, performance management, rewards and retention, as well as particular challenges concerning strategic HRM and global environments. Emphasis is placed on how the complexities of HRM relate to students' past and future experiences as members of organizations. Prerequisites: BUAD 309 or COM 202 or instructor permission.

 BUAD 425 - Marketing Research (3 credits)

The focus of this course is the collection, analysis, and interpretation of marketing data for reporting research information necessary to make informed marketing decisions. Students develop skills in defining research problems, designing surveys, experiments, and observational studies, managing data collection, performing data analysis, and communicating results. Prerequisites: completion of Base Curriculum; BUAD 270; or instructor permission. BUAD 335 and BUAD 345 recommended.

 BUAD 491 - Strategic Management (3 credits)

The formal analysis of an organization's macro and industry environment; its mission and goals; and strategy formulation, implementation, and control. This is a capstone course which integrates the student's knowledge from the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, and management. Students are encouraged to take this course during their last semester; graduating seniors are given priority in enrollment. Prerequisites: completion of Base Curriculum; BUAD 309; BUAD 333 or 350; BUAD 360; and senior standing.

 BUAD 499 - Internship in Business Administration ( credits)

A course designed specifically for junior- and senior-level students. Internships provide guided, counseled, and progressive experience under a dual-tutelage program of a businessperson and an academician. An academically monitored activity to assure quality experience. Graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only. Prerequisite: completion of Base Curriculum; or instructor permission.

 COM 372 - Issues Management (3 credits)

An exploration of the communication practices and strategies used by organizations to react to current events, publicity, and society. Emphasis is placed upon persuasion, media relations, and information campaigns. Prerequisite: junior standing.

 CS 160 - Introduction to Web Design (3 credits)

An introduction to creating web pages and sites with XHTML and CSS as well as using site building software and commercial plugin capabilities. This course is designed for students without a background in computer science.

 ECON 201 - Macroeconomics (3 credits)

An introduction to the methods, models, and approaches used by economists to analyze and interpret events and policies related to the overall operation of the economy. The course endeavors to make sense of unemployment, inflation, recessions, debt and deficits, economic growth, the expanding role of the Federal Reserve, and policies to provide stability to the economy. Additional attention is given to the making of economic policy in an era of globalization. Finally, students are exposed to multiple schools of thought regarding macroeconomic reasoning. Prerequisite: ACT math score of 19 or above; SAT math score of 500 or above; pass MATH 099; or Accuplacer Elementary Algebra test score of 85 or higher, or university-level math requirement with a minimum grade of C-. Prerequisite or corequisite: ENG 102.

Western's Marketing emphasis is built on the foundation of traditional marketing principles, with a focus on leveraging new technologies and collaboration across disciplines.

In an age when time to market and customer relationships rule, marketing can only succeed if everyone in the organization participates.

Western combines the expertise of its Marketing faculty with its Art, Communication and Computer Science faculty to equip our students to respond to real-time customer needs. Our approach prepares Western students to be true utility players in any marketing environment.

What Will You Learn? What Skills Will You Acquire When You Study Marketing?

Marketing is both a philosophy and a toolkit. Western Marketing students are well versed in strategy, planning and execution. Our Marketing courses focus on teaching the fundamental importance of customer relationships and their links to company profits and long-term success. In today’s environment, employers value workers who can understand the big picture and drive results. Western Marketing students can:

  • Assess the competitive environment with an eye toward change and constant improvement.
  • Analyze the firm’s current standing in the marketplace and prioritize resources to maximize marketing impact.
  • Plan a unified brand image and a unique customer experience.

Beyond the Classroom

Our small classes and faculty with real-world marketing experience work with the local business community on comprehensive marketing plans, social media and market research projects. These applied projects give Western students experience that goes well beyond the theoretical, while building their communication, project-management and problem-solving skills.

Recent Marketing majors have interned at:

  • Cambridge Financial Partners
  • Crested Butte Film Festival
  • Telluride Tourism Association
  • Two Plank Productions
  • Colorado Freeskier
  • Pueblo Chamber of Commerce

After Graduation

Western Marketing graduates have gone on to work for top-tier advertising firms, such as Crispin Porter + Borgusky, and have also started and grown many successful businesses.