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  • Bistro Philosophy: A monthly gathering of philosophy students and faculty at a local bistro to discuss concepts taught in classes, then brainstorming and expanding upon them creatively to address “burning questions” that arise through the semester.
  • Philosophy Intersections: A series of discussions and lectures that highlights work among disciplines campus-wide, where students and faculty look at how their fields intersect and interact with Philosophy.


Hannah White


Headshot of Hannah White with flowers in the background
Headshot of Hannah White with flowers in the background

Hannah White

“Being so involved in so many different things you get to know all kinds of people. You get to make connections with people that just aren’t at Western.”

Hannah White is a junior from Kansas City studying Politics & Government with an emphasis in Global Studies and minors in Philosophy and Environment & Sustainability (ENVS).

When Hannah was researching different colleges, she wanted a school with a good ENVS program that was somewhat close to home. Western was a school that stood out to her most, and the rest is history.

On campus, Hannah has her toes dipped into everything she is passionate about.

“I am a Senator on Western’s Student Government Association (SGA) and an Orientation Leader for the 2019-20 school year,” said Hannah, but it does not stop there. “I am also a member of Women at Western, Vice President of the Politics Club, a member of the Women’s Student Lounge, participated in Model United Nations (UN) and a Geiman Fellow starting 2019-20 school year.”

Hannah always knew she wanted to work to protect the environment and write policies.

“When I was taking the Intro to ENVS course, I was really passionate about it. I still am, and then I took American Foreign Policy with Dr. [Maria] Struble,” said Hannah. “It made me realize that what I want to do with the environment is to write protection policies for it and to do that on the global scale. My majors and minors are how I think I can do the most with the environment.”

Because of how involved Hannah is on campus, she has a lot to choose from as her favorite part of attending Western.

“The friendships I have made here are one of my favorite things about coming to Western,” said Hannah. “Being so involved in so many different things, you get to know all kinds of people. You get to make connections with people that just aren’t at Western, because of conferences like the Model UN. The opportunities that Western has given me through these different groups and clubs have been an amazing thing.”

When Hannah gets time away from school, she likes to spend time relaxing. Her favorite spot to be is the Women’s Student Lounge in the library.

Her advice to incoming freshmen: “Get involved. Freshman year, I did not do anything besides class and hanging out in my room. What would have made that year better for me was to be involved with clubs on campus. Doing the extracurriculars really makes the college experience that much more enjoyable.”

Profile by Western junior Taya Olson.

Faculty & Staff


Tyson Hausdoerffer, Ph.D. headshot
Interim Director, Graduate Program in Creative Writing
Phone: 970.943.2298
Office Location: Taylor Hall 222B
Anthony Miccoli, Ph.D. headshot
Professor of Philosophy, Director of Philosophy Program
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Professor of Communication Arts, Chair of CALL Department
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  • Minor


One of Western’s most popular minors, Philosophy is designed to complement any other discipline.

Philosophy students explore the history of philosophy, examine diverse worldviews and analyze the core assumptions underlying contemporary society. Philosophy as a discipline allows individuals to see the world from varied perspectives and helps provide practical, rational approaches to evaluate ideas. A minor in philosophy deepens the value of a liberal arts education itself by providing the intellectual skills needed to understand and appreciate relationships among other fields of study.

The Program

The Philosophy minor consists of six classes, immersing students in an interdisciplinary environment. The program is efficiently designed. For most upper-division courses, only one general education course in Philosophy is required, and students may choose from a variety of classes that best suit their interests. Classes feature topics on Women and Gender in Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion and Philosophy of Science (among others). The Philosophy Program also hosts “Philosophy Intersections,” a campus-wide series of lectures and discussions that highlights the philosophical foundations of the fields of study offered at Western.

Careers & Opportunities

Critical thinking, reasoning and writing skills learned in philosophy classes serve students throughout their lives and within any field they choose to pursue, especially careers in law, politics, science, business and information technology. The ability to analyze situations from multiple points of view aids careers in education, communication, social work, marketing, public relations and human resources.

For students looking at graduate schools, a Philosophy minor sharpens verbal and analytical skills needed for entrance exams such as the GRE, LSAT and GMAT. Most importantly, the philosophy program prepares students for the level and type of discourse involved in graduate education.

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Reach out to Anthony Miccoli, Ph.D. for more information.