Music Technology Minor


The new music technology minor at Western is designed for all students regardless of prior experience in music or technology.  This interdisciplinary program was developed in response to the increasing number of opportunities requiring a working knowledge of music and digital audio.  Employees with digital recording and producing skills have become extremely valuable assets among production companies, film studios, and advertising agencies. 

The music technology minor introduces students to music theory, acoustics, production techniques, and programming fundamentals in preparation for creative and professional opportunities in digital media following graduation.

Area of Interest: 

Faculty & Staff


Assistant Professor of Physics
B.S., Linfield College; M.S., University of New Mexico; Ph.D., University of New Mexico.
Phone: (970) 943-2155
Office Location: Hurst Hall 118
Kenneth W. Todd
Senior Lecturer in Music
B.M., University of Nebraska at Omaha; M.M., University of Texas at Austin.
Phone: (970) 943-2162
Office Location: Quigley Hall 209