Computer Music Summer Enrichment Camp

Did you know that there is a mathematical foundation to music?  Musical structures such as rhythms, scales, and chords are created from patterns.  Western has created a new camp experience in which your child will learn about these patterns in music and then use a computer language to create music from these patterns.  We also delve into the science behind musical sound:  the physics of music and mathematics of sound generation.  This isn't a traditional music camp - we won't be playing other peoples compositions.  Instead, students write their own music.  We'll also learn how to play some simple percussion instruments and perform some of these student compositions.

The students at our camp will learn to program in Haskell, a programming language based on mathematical functions.  This language allows our campers to create complex pieces of music on their own. 

The camp will close with a recital of the music we have created.

At our camp, students will:

  • Learn about the fundamentals of music such as pitch, rhythm, scales, and chords.
  • Express music using computation - the computer becomes a musical instrument.
  • Compose and perform rhythmic music
  • Learn about the minimalist style of music and use it to score a short film
  • Investigate how sound and musical instruments work
  • Turn chaotic mathematical sequences into music
  • Build complex compositions from simple musical fragments
  • Study the use of randomness in music and computing

Who Can Attend

Students entering 7th grade and up are invited to our camp.  Both middle school and high school students are welcome.  No prior experience in computing or music is needed to enjoy our camp.


This camp runs from July 23, 2017 to July 29, 2017.   Day campers attend from July 24 to July 28.


The total cost of our camp is $900.  Day campers may attend for $350. This covers classes, recreation, and food.


Send an email to to reserve a spot in the camp.


Our camp is based on a successful general education course, Algorithmic Music, in which students created composition such as this:

Extra Curricular Activities

In addition to the scholarly activity the campers will be able to take advantage of Western State Colorado University amazing geographical surroundings.  Located in Gunnison Colorado, Western State Colorado University is situated in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  Because of this, the camp is able to provide outdoor activities for the campers. These activities are lead by the Wilderness Pursuits program on campus and are lead by their excellent staff.  Activities for the campers include kayaking and rafting.


  • Dr. Greg Haynes, Music