2019 ALL-COLORADO HONOR BAND Audition Materials

Audition Materials (Same as the Colorado All-State material)


Chromatic scale of your choice: 2 octaves, in 8th notes, quarter-note = 80
Must be played by memory on woodwinds, brass and mallets, legato up and down
No major or minor scales are required for the Western Honor Band


Will be drawn from the following readily available books. Students proficient on more than one instrument within the same family (flute/piccolo, oboe/English horn, high clarinet/low clarinet, all the saxophones, trombone/euphonium, etc.) are strongly encouraged to audition on each instrument, using separate audition times and audition permission forms.


Köhler – 25 Romantic Etudes for Flute, Op. 66 (Kalmus) p.3, No.2, beginning through 3rd bar of the 5th line (quarter note = 116)
Andersen – 24 Etudes for the Flute, Op. 33 (C. Fischer) p.15, No.15, beginning through 7th line, downbeat of last measure. Take all 2nd endings (quarter note = 100)

Oboe/English Horn

Voxman - Selected Studies (Rubank) p.42, measures 1-32 (dotted quarter note = 55-60), p.14, measures 1-20 (quarter note = 76)


Voxman/Glover – Advanced Method, Vol. 1 (Rubank) p.39, No. 26, all [take 2nd ending, no repeats] (quarter-note = 100), p.31, No. 17, top through 3rd measure of 3rd line [no repeat] (quarter-note = 60-66)

High Clarinet

Rose – 32 Etudes (C. Fischer) p.21, No. 21, 1st 6 lines plus one bar (quarter-note = 69) p.26, No. 26, beginning through m.20 [no repeats] (quarter-note = 100)


Rose – 32 Etudes for Clarinet (C. Fischer) Revised Edition p.25, No. 21, first 7 lines plus one bar (quarter-note = 69) p.30, No. 26, beginning through m.20 [no repeats] (quarter-note = 100)

Low Clarinet

Weissenborn/Rhoads – Advanced Studies (Southern) p.5, No. 7, 1st 5 lines [no repeats or D.C.] (dotted-quarter-note = 100) p.18, No. 23, top – 1st note in 4th line (quarter-note = 72)


Voxman – Selected Studies (Rubank) p.41, beginning through measure 16 (eighth-note = 92) p.42, all (dotted quarter-note = 69-76)


Snedecor – Lyrical Etudes (PAS Music) p.12, Etude IX, beginning through m. 16 (quarter-note = 76) p.21, Etude XV, beginning through m.24 [repeat is good] (quarter-note = 144-168)


Langey - Carl Fischer Tutor for French Horn (Carl Fischer), or free download from https://archive.org/details/ottolangeysnewly00lang p.73, No. 3 “Andante,” beginning through 5th line, downbeat of last bar (8th note = 120) p.74, No. 4 “Allegro moderato,” beginning through 1st bar of 4th line (quarter-note = 112)


Voxman – Selected Studies for Trombone (Rubank) p.2, top – m.25, downbeat (quarter-note = 104) p.13, top – m.24 (quarter-note = 92) [Treble-clef baritone must either transpose these etudes or play the trumpet etudes]

Bass Trombone

Ostrander – Method for Bass Trombone (C. Fischer) p.30-31, No.14, all [no D.C.] (quarter-note = 112-120)


Sheridan – Performance Studies for Tuba (De Haske) p.12-13, all (“Capricious”) (Allegro: quarter-note = 116, Poco meno mosso: quarter-note = 104)

String Bass

Piece(s) of your choice, demonstrating technique and musicality.


Mallets: Whaley – Recital Pieces for Mallets (J. R. Publications) p.25, all [no repeats] (half-note = 80)
Snare Drum: Cirone – Portraits in Rhythm (Belwin-Mills) [all rolls in concert style – multiple bounce] p.12, No. 10, all (dotted-quarter-note = 69)
Timpani: Whaley – Musical Studies for the Intermediate Timpanist (J.R. Publications) p.17, all (quarter-note = 60-72)