Mechanical Engineering - University of Colorado Partnership

Faculty & Staff


Holly  Brunkal, Ph.D. headshot
Lecturer in Geology
Phone: 970.943.2180
Office Location: Hurst Hall 018
Robert A. Cohen, Ph.D. headshot
Professor of Mathematics, Chair of the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
Phone: 970.943.2111
Office Location: Hurst Hall 210
Kim Fix, Ph.D. headshot
Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 970.943.3234
Office Location: Hurst Hall 216
John Mason, Ph.D. headshot
Professor of Physics
Phone: 970.943.2142
Office Location: Hurst Hall 116
Suzanne Taylor, Ph.D. headshot
Associate Professor of Physics
Phone: 970.943.2155
Office Location: Hurst Hall 118
  • Bachelor of Science from University of Colorado Boulder in Mechanical Engineering - University of Colorado Partnership
    • Major


    Mechanical Engineering degrees offer exceptional versatility and are in great demand. Mechanical Engineers are at the heart of engineering. They work in many industries, including the biomedical, aerospace, automotive and energy sectors. They are projected to have the second highest new job growth of all Engineering fields from 2016 to 2026.

    The Program

    Mechanical Engineering students have an unparalleled opportunity through Western’s unique partnership program. You complete your initial two years as Western students, then transfer to University of Colorado Boulder to finish your final two years in the program—all while attending classes at Western's campus in Gunnison. Graduates of the partnership program receive their Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder's College of Engineering & Applied Science.  


    • Aerospace engineer 
    • Automotive engineer 
    • Control and instrumentation engineer 
    • Electromechanical engineering 
    • Energy engineering 
    • Maintenance engineer 
    • Mechanical engineer 
    • Mechanical engineering in rail systems 
    • Medical engineering  
    • Nuclear engineer
    • Sustainable production 

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    To learn more about the application process, please visit our application information page.