Student Contacts

The Honors SAB is a student representative body which meets regularly and organizes social and intellectual events for our community of Honors students throughout the academic year.  The SAB plays an important and valued role in the Honors Program at Western.  Student members help select Honors Special Topics courses, provide student voice in the improvement and assessment of the Program, and act as student ambassadors for the Honors program.  All active Honors students can come to the meetings!  Contact any of the students below for more information.

SAB President, Cassandra Grigware

Cassandra Grigware

Major: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting; Minor in Biology
Class: Senior
SAB Position: President
Favorite Honors Event: Hartman Rocks Sunset Hike with S'mores
Favorite Class: Quest for Meaning
Fun Fact: I have two webbed toes on each foot

SAB Vice President, Enrico Tipton

Enrico Tipton

Major: Politics and Government with an emphasis in Pre-Law
Class: Sophomore
SAB Position: Vice President
Favorite Honors Event: Snow Shoeing
Favorite Class: Honors Colloquium with Pols 117 class
Fun Fact: Learned how to surf this past summer

SAB Financial Officer, Levi Stone

Levi Stone

Major: Pre-Allied Health w/ Minor in Chemistry
Class: Senior 
SAB position:  Financial Officer
Favorite Honors Event:  Spring Banquet!!!
Favorite Honors Class:  Art of Immigration
Fun Fact:  My two favorite foods are pesto and pistachio ice cream

SAB Communications Officer, Amanda Campbell

Amanda Campbell

Major: Environment and Sustainability, Anthropology
Class: Senior
SAB Position: Communications Officer
Favorite Honors Event: Public Lands: Hiking Oh Be Joyful Trail
Favorite Honors Class: City as Text: Prague
Fun Fact: I come from a family of pilots!

SAB Communication Officer, Tjade Romero

Tjade Romero

Major: Biochemistry
Class: Sophomore 
SAB Position: Communications Officer 
Favorite Honors Event: Christmas Party 
Favorite Honors Class: Intro to Art 
Fun Fact: The T in my name is silent

SAB Event Coordinator, Madison Northen

Madison Northen

Majors: Environment and Sustainability and Economics
Class: Sophomore
SAB Position: Event Coordinator
Favorite Honors Event: Spring Banquet!
Favorite Honors Class: Intro to Art!
Fun Fact: I own a slug-bug

SAB Campus Representative, Kate Stern

Kate Stern

Major: Environment and Sustainability, Marketing
Class: Sophomore
SAB position: Campus Representative
Favorite Honors Event: Night hiking in the Black Canyon
Favorite Honors Class: Partners in the Park
Fun fact: I'm just as tall as Peter Dinklage

Freshmen Honors Resident Advisor (Ute Hall): Sarah Hadaway (Psychology)

Upperclassmen Honors Resident Advisor (Pinnacles Apartments): Reed Arneson (Biology)