What Graduates Say about Western Geology...

“The geology courses were excellent at preparing me for realistic application of academic concepts.” 

Jason Eliassen ‘02 - Geologist - Antero Resources Corporation.


“Geology caught my attention because it involved classes where I explored breathtaking landscapes. The training I received at Western put me  way ahead of other candidates and helped me achieve the success that I have had thus far in my career.”  

Jenifer McHarge ‘02 - M.S. - University of Wyoming


“All of the geology courses at WSC have no equal, but the Petroleum Geology set of courses really shine.  After graduation I was well equipped to handle anything the  petroleum industry could throw at me.  Currently my skills and experience are drooled over by my peers and by prospective companies.”

Jeff Jackson '02 - M.S. - Colorado School of Mines


“My interest in geology began simply as a curiosity for the natural world around me.  I never intended to receive professional preparation, let alone placement, through the program. It’s not the size or popularity of the institution that matters, but the quality of guidance and tangible experiences that you receive.”

Justin Tully  ‘02 - M.S. - Montana State University