Geology Field Trip 2007

In 2007 the Western State geology department took its spring field trip to Central Utah with and emphasis on the volcanics of the Black Rock Desert and Sevier thrusting in the Canyon Range.

Blackrock Desert Volcanoes

Above: This is the main crater of Tabernacle Hill Volcano a basaltic volcanoe that erupted in to Lake Boneville. The hill to the left is a spatter cone from vents that feed a lava lake in the crater.

Below: A collapsed lava tube that fed flows around the crate. The small hill in the distance is a littoral cone where lava flows entered Lake Boneville.

Below: Our campsite on the slopes of the littoral cone. The hill in the distance is Pavant Butte.

Below: We are climbing Pavant Butte, a tuff cone erupeted into Lake Boneville. The thin beds are ash from hydrovolcanic eruptions. The Boneville lake bed is in the background. The Cricket Mountains are in the distance.

Below: The summit of Pavant Butte.

Sevier Thrusts

Above: View down Wildhorse Canyon with outcrop of the Cretaceous Canyon Range Conglomerate. This conglomerate was shed off the front of Sevier thrust sheets.