Geology Field Trip - 2006

In 2006 the Western State geology department took its spring field trip to northern New Mexico with and emphasis on the development of the Valles Caldera and the Rio Grande Rift.

Above: Allen Stork explaining the emplacement of the Upper Bandelier Tuff at a locality off the Gun Club Road near Los Alomos New Mexico

Below: Rob Fillmore at the same locality.The students are standing on pinkish Cerro Torledo tuffs that erupted from the Valles Caldera betwwen the eruptions of the lower and upper Bandelier tuffs. The meter thick bed in the middle of the photo is the basal plinian pumice fall deposit (Tsankawi) of the upper Banlelier Tuff. Above that are base surge deposit from the main ash flow member (Tshirige). Note the secret geology hand signals.

Below: Maar deposits exposed at Upper Fijoles Falls in Bandelier National Monument. Here Frijoles Creek has exposed a cross section of a maar - a volcano formed by the interaction of basalitc lavas with shallow groundwater.

Above: Dr. John Fletcher, who was at Western while on sabbatical from CICESE, explains the Tertiary development of Western North America. We were visiting his research sites that show active faulting on the slopes of Blanca Peak in southern Colorado. Below: Blanka Peak.