Geology Field Trip -2001

In 2001 the Western State geology department took its spring field trip to southwestern Utah to see the study the classic stratigraphy found in Zion National Park and at the Toroweap overlook in Grand Canyon National Park.

Jason Eliason at Toroweap Point overlooking Lava Falls. Jason is sitting on the Esplanade Sandstone. The Toroweap fault crosses the canyon just beyond this point. The dark slope in the mid-ground are lavas that cascaded into the canyon at this point making a series of lava dams.

Rob Fillmore and students sitting on the Esplanade Sandstone at Toroweap Point. They are looking into the lower Grand Canyon and discussing the Paleozoic stratigraphy.

The whole group at The Narrows in Zion National Park on a nice spring day.