High Altitude Performance Lab (HAP Lab)

Check out the HAPLab on Facebook or Youtube!  Also view a video showcasing a VO2max + lactate threshold test in the HAP Lab on a professional endurance athlete from the Gunnison Valley!

The High Altitude Performance Lab (HAPLab) at 7750 feet above sea level is a sport performance and exercise physiology facility equipped to assess the major fitness parameters. These parameters include: muscular endurance,  muscular strength, cardiopulmonary capacity, flexibility, and body composition. The primary goal of the lab is to provide well rounded, applied experiences to Western undergraduate Exercise & Sport Science (ESS) majors. We feel that our graduates are a step ahead of others entering the ESS field because of their expertise related to content knowledge, hands-on testing experiences, and working with a variety of clients from Gunnison, the university, summer sport camps, and elsewhere.


A common test we perform in the performance lab is the VO2max + lactate threshold test on various clients, including cancer patients, regular exercisers, and well trained endurance athletes (regional, national, and Olympic level). View the attached HAP Lab brochure on this page for greater details about lab exercise testing, pricing, and other fun facts!

High Altitude Performance Lab Equipment

  • ParvoMedics True One 2400 gas analysis/diagnostic system (Sandy, UT)
  • Lode Excalibur Sport cycle ergometer (Groningen, Netherlands)
  • Accutrend Lactate Analyzer (Sports Resource Group, Inc., MA)
  • Fitnex Bionex Treadmill (5' x 8' tread | 25 mph | 40% grade) (Fitnex Fitness Equipment, Inc., TX)
  • Trackmaster Treadmill TMX22 (12 mph | 25% grade) (Newton, KS)
  • Xplorer GLX with various Passport Sensors (digital goniometer, accelerometer, force plate, EKG, GPS, etc.) (Pasco Scientific, Roseville, CA)
  • Monark Ergomedic cycle ergometers (Sweden)
  • Polar Heart Rate monitors (Lake Success, NY)
  • Nonin Pulse Oximeters (Plymouth, MN)
  • Lange Skin Calipers (Beta Technologies, Santa Cruz, CA)
  • Garmin Forerunner 305 (Olathe, KS)
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Read an article about the HAP Lab.

VO2max_Drum_adjusting hose
Adjusting the hose during a lab test (ESS 331).

sit-up test
Conducting a sit-up test, per ACSM guidelines.

body fat_muscle_sample
Sample, 5-lbs of fat (yellow) vs. 5-lbs of muscle (red) with assessment tools.