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Abundant Life

Organic Farms

Jeff & Kaylee Armstrong & Family

31733 Highway 92

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


USDA Certified Organic

Fruits and Vegetables

Austin Family Farm

Glenn & Tony Austin

14741 Canyon Road

Paonia, CO 81428


Certified Naturally Grown

Fruits and Vegetables

Avalanche Cheese


Wendy Mitchell

1280 Ute Avenue #7

Aspen, CO 81611


Goat and Dairy Farm
Bella Farm

Alison & Adam Klaus

PO Box 1156

Paonia, CO 81428


Raw Milk Shares, grass-fed lamb, free range chickens/eggs and vegetables

Bissell Family Farm

Roger & Laurene Bissell

41619 Lamborn Mesa Road

Paonia, CO 81428


Tree ripe, Naturally Grown, Delta County Blue Ribbon Peaches
Blossomwood Cidery

Shawn & Janese Carney

794 NE Indian Camp Avenue

Cedaredge, CO 81413


Hard cider and Perry using locally

grown, sustainably farmed apples

and pears. Pasture raised heritage

pork by whole, half or piece.

Borden Farms

Guy & Lynn Borden

51245 Carnation Road

Delta, CO 81416


USDA Certified Organic

Colorado grower of premium flowers,

organic vegetables, fruit, and herbs

Buckhorn Gardens

Breigh Peterson & Darren Cloud

71446 Buckhorn Road

Montrose, CO 81401


Wide assortment of vegetables,

flowers, herbs and fruit
Burritt's Produce

Ann A. Burritt

12335 Burritt Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


Hay, oats, grass-fed beef.

Circle A Garden

Betsy, Della & Jeanne Austin

20341 Pahgre Road

Montrose, CO 81401


Vegetables, fruit & herbs, and

value-added products following

USDA Organic standards
Closer to Heaven Farm

Paul & Sue Chenault

12130 Payne Siding Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


Organically supplemented, non-

GMO, custom mixed poultry,

swine & goat feed. Chickens, eggs,

dairy goats & chicks for sale.

Cobblestone Farm

Gary Matlock & Jan Thompson

35294 Hanson Mesa Road

Hotchkiss, Co 81419


Certified Naturally Grown

varieties of garlic,

vegetables & fruit. Visitors welcome

Delicious Orchards

Jeff & Tracey Schwartz

Highway 133 West of Paonia

PO Box 2012

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


USDA Certified Organic

produce, meat, Big

B's Fresh Apple Cider, wine and

crafts. You Pick Fruit/Veggies.

Desert Weyr

Ken & Oogie McGuire

16870 Garvin Mesa Road

Paonia, CO 81428


Grass-fed Black Welsh Mountain

sheep meat and wool products
Eagle Butte Ranch

Rick & Landon Deane

10653 Eagle Butte Road

Paonia, CO 81428


Certified Naturally Grown

Grass-fed beef raised without

added hormones or antibiotics.

Certified weed-free hay grown

without chemicals.

Ela Family Farms

Steve, Becky, Shirley

& William Ela

30753 L Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


USDA Certified Organic

Cherries, peaches, pears, plums,

apples, berries, jams, fruit butters,

apple sauce, dried fruit & ciders
Excelsior Orchard

Paul & Elane Maudlin

PO Box 1553

14140 Dry Gulch Road

Paonia, CO 81428


Sweet & sour cherries, apricots,

peaches, pears, apples, nectarines,

plums, fruit ciders and dried fruit.

Fire Mountain Farm

& Apiary

Catherine Gockley

PO Box 444

15540 Fire Mountain Road

Paonia, CO 81428


Certified Naturally Grown

Specializing in pesticide and

herbicide-free vegetables, fruits,

flowers, naturally-raised eggs, and

treatment-free honey.

First Fruits

Organic Farms

Kris & Kevin Kropp

PO Box 864

40565 O Road

Paonia, CO 81428


USDA Certified Organic

Mountain grown fruits & vegetables

Tours available!

High Wire Ranch

Dave and Sue Whittlesey

27497 Buffalo Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


100% grass-fed Buffalo & Elk

Leroux Creek Inn

& Vineyards

Joanna Reckert & Yvon Gros

PO Box 910

12388 3100 Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


Adobe-style bed & breakfast nestled

in an organic vineyard &

perennial gardens. Wine tasting


Living Springs

Organic Farm

Carol Sikora

PO Box 1285

39645 Panorama Road

Paonia, CO 81428


USDA Certified Organic

Heirloom varieties of carrots, beets,

tomatoes, eggplant, squash, green

beans, onions, melons, greens,

garlic, flowers & more.

Mama’s Medicinals

Nelly Higginbotham

12329 Slate Point Road

Paonia, CO 81428


Sustainably grown, organic or

wild-crafted herbal extracts, salves

& creams. Available at Hardins &

Old River Road Trading Post

Mattice's Fruits &


Doug Mattice

9947 3200 Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


Fruit & Veggie stand in Crested

Butte – Sat, Sun & Wed and on

Rogers Mesa at Hwy 92 & 3200 Rd

Mesa Winds Farm

Max Eisele & Wink Davis

PO Box 327

31262 L Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


USDA Certified Organic

Farm-stay accommodations,

apprenticeships & volunteer opportunities.

Fruits, vegetables, grapes

& specialty products. Direct sales.

Orchard Valley Farms

& Market

Lee Bradley

15836 Black Bridge Road

Paonia, CO 81428


A new winery focused on Pinot

Noir & Cabernet Sauvignon.

Available in the tasting room at

Orchard Valley Market.
Parker PasturesBill and Kelli Parker57564 US Hwy 50
Gunnison, CO 81230

970 641 3710

Sustainably practicing farm producing milk, eggs, chicken, beef, pork, and lamb. Available through Gunnison and crested butte farmers markets or local CSA

Peace & Plenty Farm

Pat & Paul Frazier

29581 Redlands Mesa Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


Biodynamically grown culinary &

medicinal herbs, veggies, flowers,

fruit and many other useful and

drought-tolerant plants.
Peach Valley Dairy

Ed Pearsall

7200 2200 Road

Delta, CO 81416


Dairy products that come from

animals raised on lush green pastures

and fed natural and organic

supplements. Milk shares.

Pitkin Mesa Gardens

Marianna Aley

39709 Panorama Road

Paonia, CO 81428


Custom annual planters.

Gardening and landscaping installation.

Perennial flowers, herbs,

and vegetables. Grown without


Princess Beef

Cynthia & Ira Houseweart

32282 J Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


Since 1999, 100% grass-fed beef

without added hormones or

antibiotics. Quarters, halves and

whole beef for fall delivery
Pristine Valley Farm

Sky & Julie Jelsma

14609 Peony Lane

Paonia, CO 81428


Certified Naturally Grown

Organically grown white peaches,

cherries & peach cots.

Pumpkin Hill Farm

Elisabeth & Mark Kautsky

PO Box 462

Eckert, CO 81418


Natural Grass-fed beef and lamb.

Purple Haze Garlic

Elsie Winne & Sven Edstrom

14414 2900 Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419



Purple Haze Garlic is a delicious,

easy to peel, heirloom Rocambole

grown on Redlands Mesa since

the 1930's
Rain Crow Farm

Kerry Noonan & Jason Beason

39405 Lund Road

Paonia, CO 81428


Certified Naturally Grown

Vegetables, herbs, flowers, free-range

chicken eggs. Vendor at Crested

Butte and Carbondale Farmers’


Rendezvous Farm

Ryan Hardy & Mike Walters

39135 Highway 92

Crawford, CO 81415


USDA Certified Organic

Organic produce, pork, lamb,

chicken and eggs
Rivendell Farm

John Cooley

21279 Highway 92

Delta, CO 81416


Certified Naturally Grown

12 varieties of specialty potatoes,

cucumbers, sweet corn, heirloom

tomatoes. Established 1881 on the

Gunnison River. Farm tours by


Round Earth Farm &

Turkey Hill CSA

Adam Silverstein & Valerie Stone

34830 Powell Mesa Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


Certified Naturally Grown

Vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Wholesale and retail, serving the

Western Slope since 1993.

Internships available

Round Mountain

Organics & Institute

Nancy Wicks

17280 Highway 135

Almont, CO 81210


Focus on ecologically grown produce,

education on renewable energy

and straw bale construction to

sustain the Earth.

Sassy Grass Farm

Stacey & Ryan Taylor

8342 Hatchery Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419



Fresh, hand gathered eggs from

pastured poultry. A chemical

free, family farm.

Shining Mountain Herbs

Sheila Manzagol

5636 County Road 23

Ridgway, CO 81432



USDA Certified Organic

We produce organic medicinal

herbal products. We also sell fresh

& dried organic medicinal herbs &

some organic vegetables.

Small Potatoes Farm

Monica Wiitanen

40575 O Road

Paonia, CO 81428


Spring greens, gourmet garlic,

garlic braids, potatoes, chilies &

more. Call to pick up produce at

the farm.
Stone Cottage Cellars

Brent & Karen Helleckson

41716 Reds Road

Paonia, CO 81428


Family-crafted, estate wines since

2001. Chardonnay, Merlot,

Gewurztraminer, Syrah, Pinot

Noir and Alpine Dessert Wine

Field Florals/Stinky Blooms

Flower Farm

Ashley Krest & Ted Birk

41391 Omega Road

Paonia, CO 81428


We create unique, “green” arrangements

for events and weddings

The Living Farm (TLC


Tom & Lynn Gillespie

12506 Crawford Road

Paonia, CO 81428


Sustainably-grown salad greens,

tomatoes, vegetables, eggs, beef,

pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, chicken

feed, hay, dairy sheep & wool.

The Rocking Rooster


Tim & Mary Morgan Hinz

8966 2100 Road

Austin, CO 81410


All natural, hormone free duck &

guinea. Free-range duck & chicken

eggs. Low cholesterol eggs. Down &

Feathers. Grass/alfalfa hay.

Thistle Whistle Farm

Mark Waltermire & Katie Dean

10872 3500 Road

Hotchkiss, CO 81419


Certified Naturally Grown

Specialty fruits and vegetables.

CSA, on-farm sales, and at

Gunnison Farmers' Market
White Buffalo Farm

Wayne Talmage

16877 Grange Road

Paonia, CO 81428


USDA Certified Organic

Apples, apricots, sweet & sour

cherries, pears, peaches, nectarines,

plums, tomatoes, squash, greens,

herbs, peppers and more
Wildwood Ranch

Karla Tschoepe

37200 Stucker Mesa Rd

PO Box 25 Paonia, CO 81428


Raise hay & grain, chickens,

turkeys & beef all processed at the

ranch. No chemicals or commercial

fertilizers ever used. Call for info

Zephyros Farm

and Garden

Daphne Yannakakis

& Don Lareau

11466 3725 Road

Paonia, CO 81428


USDA Certified Organic

Growing a wide variety of open pollinated

vegetables and cut flowers

for farmers’ and local markets.

CSA shares available.


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