The 28th Headwaters Conference: October 6-8, 2017

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Western State Colorado University sits centrally in what could be called "the Headwaters Region of the Southwest": a mountain-and-valley region of wonderful but difficult geographic and climatic diversity, and also of cultural diversity. Western's "Headwaters Project" is part of the university's effort to serve the mountain valleys of this region as a resource and rallying-point, as the region's communities attempt to both retain unique cultural identities and still thrive in a globalizing and homogenizing world. The Project reaches out into the region interactively through the annual Headwaters Conference every autumn.​

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Keynote Speakers from Recent Headwaters Conferences

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Vandana Shiva

Walter Echo Hawk

Winona LaDuke

Dr. Vandana Shiva

Walter Echo Hawk

Winona LaDuke

Devon Pena

Rick Bass

Enrique Salmon

Dr. Devon Pena

Rick Bass

Dr. Enrique Salmon


Gary Snyder


Gary Snyder



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