Colorado Water Workshop

The Colorado Water Workshop began in 1976 as a collaborative effort between a Western Colorado University history professor and "Gunnison Country" historian, Dr. Duane Vandenbusche, and a Gunnison water lawyer and Western graduate, Richard "Dick" Bratton. They felt that Colorado needed a place - high up near the Continental Divide, which divides the state in more ways than just geographically - where the various factions and interests involved in water issues could come to explore options "off the record". 

The Headwaters Conference

Every fall, Western Colorado University hosts a gathering of scholars and writers, poets and journalists, public officials and community activists, social and natural scientists, and the general inquiring minds from the mountain region for a weekend of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural interaction on an issue of concern in the Headwaters Region. Papers are presented, but every effort is also made to make the discourse accessible through "Forum Theater" dramatizations, poetry and music, and generally a full gamut of the varieties of human communication.