Philosophy of Education

Develop Your Philosophy of Education

An Educational Philosophy is a statement capturing your core educational values. Typically one to two pages long, this reflective and thoughtful document should speak of your commitment to education, goals for the classroom, and your passion for students. An understanding of grammar, spelling and the written word will be evaluated. It is important that you take the writing of this document quite seriously.

  • Your philosophy needs to be based on your own beliefs, but also needs to include accurate content knowledge.
  • Your philosophy of education should be in paragraph form with a conversational, though formal, tone.
  • Start by brainstorming/listing your top three values/beliefs about teaching and learning.
  • Then review the Performance Based Standards for Colorado Educators for information about what the state emphasizes that teachers know.
  • Next, review the web links provided.
  • Finally, synthesize your thoughts and write your brief (one to two pages recommended) philosophy of education.

Teach Now Recommended Format for an Educational Philosophy (PDF)

Helpful Links

Review Educational Theories and Methods

History of Education