Develop your Resume and Cover Letter

Your Resume

Most school districts will require a resume to accompany your application. Consider this an opportunity to introduce yourself to those who are going to be in a position to hire. You want your resume to be professional and succinct.

  • Your resume should address your educational background and experiences related to being a learning facilitator.
  • Your resume needs to address your strengths and highlight your assets for a school district.
  • Start by brainstorming/listing your educational experiences and strengths that clearly show how you are committed to teaching and learning.
  • Now review various formats for developing resumes and choose/modify a format that will allow you to highlight your strengths.
  • Now synthesize your ideas and develop your brief (one page recommended) resume for teaching.

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Writing Your Cover Letter

It is recommended that you write a brief cover letter for each position or school district in which you are interested. An effective cover letter should be brief, yet should highlight your strengths for a particular position and/or school district. A cover letter is similar to your first introduction to a person and thus should be designed to make a favorable impression.

In your cover letter, it is also important for you to explain that you are working with an Alternative Licensure Program. Explain where you are in the alternative licensure process and what your plans are for acquiring your teaching training.

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