Mountaineer Media

Independent Film
Provide Opportunity
Take on Campus Projects
Cooperate with Top/KWSB/PEAK

Mountaineer Media is a student-run media production company funded by student government association funds generated by student fees.  This group of talented filmmakers and media enthusiasts exists to educate students from all majors and provide opportunities to create film and media productions. These productions may vary from film, to broadcasts, and pod-casts.

Throughout the academic year, Mountaineer Media accepts project proposals for its consideration. And, can be employed to create a variety of media projects, including the taping of events, the creation of promotional content, instructional DVDs, and the production of narrative and documentary works. Project proposals are accepted from all clubs, organizations, and faculty departments.

Mountaineer Media cooperates with KWSB Radio, PEAK Theater Productions, Top O’ the World newspaper, and many other co curricular organizations campus-wide to promote student production in all forms of media.