Student Research

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Chemistry Student Research

Recent Research Projects Funded by Thornton Biology Research Grants

  • A study of the relationships between plant activity, pH, sulfide concentration and iron concentration at the Mt. Emmons Iron Fen. Keith Nunn and Dale Orth.
  • Purification and analysis of plant mitochondrial pyruvate dehydrogenase complex. Tom Precht, Chris Lee and Richard Jagger.
  • Iron and calcium concentrations and pH of the Mt Emmons Iron Fen. Amy Honan, Shannon Sprott, and Anne W. Ryter.
  • The effects of herbivory on the amino acid composition of floral nectar. Rachael Freeman, Robin Bingham, and Richard Jagger.
  • Enrichment and analysis of phophodiesterase I from Phaseolus vulgaris beans. Jeremy Curry, Matthew Skwiot, Richard Jagger, and Peter Gauss.
  • Influences of land management practices on water chemistry and aquatic macrointertebrate abundance and diversity in the thermal backwaters of Tomichi. Creek, Gunnison County, Colorado. Brigid Heckel, Patrick Magee, Anne W. Ryter.

Recent Research Projects Funded by Western Foundation Grants

  • Optimization of Electrochemically Etched Tungsten tips for Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. Zachary Cordel, Cleveland Holmes and Dustin Hite. Below: Zach and Dale Orth were able to attend the 2006 American Chemical Society meeting in Atlanta where Zach presented his and Cleveland's work.

Zachary Cordel
  • Reconstitution of active ATP synthase from cloned subunits. Robin Kaminsky and Richard Jagger.
  • Water quality of Coal Creek and Peanut Mine Areas. John Baskfield, Richard Jagger, and Ann Gery.

Recent Western Undergraduate Chemistry Research Project

  • Analysis of Irrigation Water in Gunnison. Steven Haynes and Richard Jagger.
  • Synthesis and Characterization of 6-thiopurine Derivatives. Alan Piquette.
  • Studies of Novel Chromium (II) Complexes as Insulin Mimics for Type II Diabetes. Sheri Watson (part of NSF-REU program at Colorado State University.)
  • Fluorimeter: Nuts, Bolts and Experiments. Andrew S. Mereness, Richard Jagger and Anne W. Ryter.
  • Analysis of Myabolis Cerebrolis - creating a DNA library. David A. Voss, Martyn Apley, Peter Gauss and Richard Jagger.
  • Synthesis and analysis of organic polymers. Eric Hoart and Richard Jagger.
  • Matt Smiley - City of Gunnison Water Lab, Gunnison, CO.
  • Troy Sweet - Pabco Corporation, Grand Junction, CO.
  • Mandy deVinny - Pabco Corporation, Grand Junction, CO.
  • Carrie Martin - Synthes USA, Monument, CO.
  • Jessica Rowe - Pabco Corporation, Grand Junction, CO.